Commission Reports

All of the Education Recovery and Innovation Commission's reports will be hosted on this page. Each section includes a final report and any supplemental documents. 

A. Tennessee General Assembly: Public Chapter 792

B. State Collaborative on Reforming Education: 2020 State of Education in Tennessee

C. CREDO: Estimates of Learning Lass in the 2019-2020 School Year

D. McKinsey & Company: COVID-19 and Student Learning in the United States

E. Tennessee Pledge: Access Guidelines for Higher Education

F. Communities in School Tennessee: Supporting Families Through a Global Pandemic

G. Tennessee Education Research Alliance: Teaching Through a Global Pandemic

H. Tennessee Higher Education Commission: Tennessee Higher Education Fact Book - 2020 

I. Tennessee General Assembly: Public Chapter 632 Rule & Statute Modification Memos

J. Tennessee Higher Education Commission: Tennessee 14th Day Enrollment Announcement

K. Unified Command Group Tabletop Brief

L. Tennessee Higher Education Commission: Coronavirus Relief Fund Brief

M. Education Recovery and Innovation Commission: District Survey Questions 

N. Tennessee Department of Education Enrollment Data: Students Withdrawing to Homeschooling 

O. Tennessee Department of Education: State Level Enrollment By Public School Type 

P. Tennessee Department of Education: COVID Timeline 

Q. Tennessee Department of Education:  Reopening Guidance and Support Documents

R. Tennessee Department of Education: Major Successes and Celebrations

S. Tennessee Department of Education: Over $200M in Grants to Support School Reopening and COVID-19 Response

T. Tennessee Board of Regents: Student Access & Support Data

U. Tennessee Board of Regents: Fall 2020 Faculty Survey