Board Members

The State Board of Education is a gubernatorially and legislatively appointed board charged under the law with rulemaking and policymaking for K-12 education. Composed of 11 members—one from each of Tennessee's nine congressional districts, plus a student member and the executive director of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission who serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member. Dr. Sara Heyburn Morrison serves as Executive Director of the Board. Board members serve a five-year term; the student member serves a one-year term.

Mrs. Krissi McInturff

Congressional District 1

Mr. Jordan Mollenhour

Congressional District 2

Mr. Robert Eby

Chair Congressional District 3

Mr. Warren Wells

Congressional District 4

Mr. Ryan Holt

Congressional District 5

Dr. Ina Maxwell

Congressional District 6

Mrs. Marsha Johnson

Congressional District 7

Mr. Larry Jensen

Congressional District 8

Mr. Darrell Cobbins

Vice-Chair Congressional District 9

Laurel Cox

2023-24 Student Member Cascade High School

Steven Gentile

Executive Director Tennessee Higher Education Commission

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