Handgun Related Laws

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  Most Reviewed Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit T.C.A. Codes  
T.C.A. Number Code Subject  
39-17-1351 - 1358 Handgun Carry Permits  
39-17-1302 Prohibited weapons  
39-17-1306 Carrying weapons during judicial proceedings  
39-17-1307 Unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon  
39-17-1309 Carrying weapons on school property  
39-17-1310 Affirmative defense to carrying weapons on school property  
39-17-1311 Carrying weapons on public parks, playgrounds, civic centers, and other public recreational building and grounds  
39-17-1313 Transporting and storing a firearm or firearm ammunition in permit holder's motor vehicle  
39-17-1315 Written directive and permit to carry handguns  
39-17-1320 Providing Handguns to juveniles - Penalties  
39-17-1321 Possession of a handgun while under the influence - Penalty  
39-17-1322 Defenses  
39-17-1359 Prohibition at certain meetings - Posting notice  
39-17-1360 Rules and regulations  
Title 62 Chapter 35 Private Protective Services Licensing and Regulatory Act  
Title 70 Chapter 4 Miscellaneous regulations  
70-4-103 Fox hunting - Training of hunting dogs - Penalty  
70-4-112 Hunting and chasing raccoons regulated - Training season - Violations, penalties  
70-4-117 Possession of weapons in areas inhabited by big game - Penalty  
10-7-504 Confidential records - Exceptions  
39-11-604 Reckless injury of innocent third person  
39-11-605 Civil remedies unaffected  
39-11-611 Self-defense  
39-11-612 Defense of third person  
39-11-622 Justification for use of force - Exceptions - Immunity from civil liability  
  Federal Codes  
18 U.S.C.§ 926A Transportation of Firearm  
18 U.S.C.§922(g)(1-9) Firearm Possession Prohibition