Becoming a Certified Ignition Interlock Provider

Our partnerships with ignition interlock providers and installers are key components in our mission to make Tennessee’s roadways the safest in the nation. To enhance this partnership and to comply with Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) 55-10-412, we have provided some guidelines for prospective ignition interlock installers to follow in order to become certified by the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, TDOSHS.

  1. To ensure that the uniform, statewide, minimum standards for ignition interlock devices and for the certification of ignition interlock device providers are met, review the Rules of the Ignition Interlock Program.
  2. Owner’s Application - must be completed and submitted along with proof of sufficient comprehensive general liability insurance coverage. Financial responsibility requirements can be found under the Rules of the Ignition Interlock Program.
  3. Installer’s Application - must be completed and submitted for each person who wishes to install interlock devices. The owner of the company must submit a separate installer’s application if he or she wishes to install interlock devices.
  4. Background Checks - must be submitted for all applicants, owners and installers.
  5. Applications, along with insurance information and background checks, must be submitted to the TDOSHS Research, Planning and Development Office:

    Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
    Research, Planning and Development
    1150 Foster Avenue
    Nashville, TN 37243

  6. Once the required documentation has been submitted to the TDOSHS an on-site inspection will be performed as part of the certification process to ensure adherence to the program rules.
  7. Inquiries can be submitted by email to: