Regular (Class D) Driver License with (F) For-Hire Endorsement

The Regular (Class D) Driver License with (F) For-Hire Endorsement serves as a bridge between the Regular Driver License required for private transportation and Commercial Driver License. If your main job is to drive or transport people or property in a passenger (Class D) vehicle, a For-Hire (F) Endorsement must be added to your Regular Driver License. Examples of drivers who will need a For-Hire Endorsement include taxi drivers, shuttle service drivers, couriers, delivery services (flowers, pizza, etc.), and ambulance drivers.

Anyone who drives as part of their business whose main job is not to transport people or property does NOT need a For-Hire Endorsement. Examples of drivers that normally do not need a For-Hire Endorsement are plumbers, meter readers, and Realtors. Volunteers driving passenger (Class D) vehicles do not need this endorsement.

NOTE: Although you may not be required by law to have the For-Hire Endorsement your employer may require you to obtain this endorsement for insurance or to company meet safety requirements.

Drivers must apply for a For-Hire Endorsement at a Driver Services Center. Drivers must meet the eligibility requirements below, pass a vision screening, pass the For-Hire Endorsement knowledge test, and pay $4.50 fee. To prepare for the knowledge test, drivers should study the Comprehensive Driver License Manual.

For-Hire Endorsement Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be at least eighteen (18) years old, or sixteen (16) years old if the vehicle the applicant is hired to drive is owned by the applicant’s family business to conduct deliveries of goods produced exclusively for the family business
  • Have two (2) years of unrestricted driving experience
  • No challenge exists concerning your good character, competency, and fitness to be so employed
  • Only operate a passenger (Class D) vehicle
  • Provide Proof of Citizenship/Lawful Permanent Residency and Proof of Tennessee Residency