Problem Resolution Office

The aim of the Problem Resolution Office is to provide support to Tennessee taxpayers who have not been able to resolve their tax issues through the department’s normal problem resolution process. Its purpose is not to circumvent the standard procedures for resolving tax disputes, but rather to address questions and issues that remain once the standard avenues of support have been pursued.

What the Problem Resolution Office Does:

  • Acts as a liaison between the department’s various operational divisions in order to facilitate consistent communication and effective resolutions to individual tax issues
  • Offers navigational support, when necessary, through the department’s standard problem resolution process
  • Serves as a potential advocate for taxpayers who feel that they have been treated in a manner inconsistent with Tennessee’s tax laws
  • Reviews taxpayer issues for administrative inconsistencies and/or incorrect application of department policies
  • Identifies systemic administrative issues and provides suggestions for improvement

What the Problem Resolution Office Does NOT Do:

  • Change or reinterpret Tennessee’s tax laws for individual situations
  • Intercede in audits, hearings, collections cases, or requests for penalty waiver or refund (Respective divisions should be contacted directly for assistance)
  • Provide general account information or assist with filing returns
  • Act as legal counsel
  • Reduce tax liabilities or overturn assessments

Request Assistance

Prior to submitting a Request for Taxpayer Assistance to the Problem Resolution Office, taxpayers should have first pursued assistance through the department’s normal resolution process. Telephone hold times or a desire for an expedited refund/waiver are not credible reasons for contacting this office. For division contact information, please visit the department’s Contact Us page.

Requests for assistance from the Problem Resolution Office must be made in writing by completing the Request for Taxpayer Assistance form below: