Important Notices

The Department of Revenue publishes important notices to provide taxpayers with specific tax information or guidance concerning procedures that will assist them in complying with Tennessee tax laws. An important notice is tax and topic specific, and includes information to address taxpayers’ questions that have been submitted to the Department.  Often, these notices provide guidance on recent Tennessee tax law changes as well as more complicated tax topics.

All of the Department's important notices are listed on the "Legal Resources" page.    

Alcohol Tax

Franchise & Excise Tax

General Information

Hall Income Tax

Liquor-by-the-drink Tax

Sales & Use Tax

Severance Tax

Tobacco Tax

Alcoholic Beverage Tax

Business Tax

Franchise and Excise Tax

General Information

Hall Income Tax

Liquor-By-The-Drink Tax

Local Occupancy Tax

Professional Privilege Tax

Sales and Use Tax

Tobacco Tax