Procedures for Becoming a Licensed Child Care Agency

Ten (10) Steps to Becoming a Licensed Child Care Provider

 Step 1 – Prospective providers will contact the Pre-Licensure Unit using  as the preferred method of contact and 615-906-0517 as the backup method of contact.

Step 2 – A Program Specialist will send an email to instruct the prospective provider with the steps of becoming licensed and with instruction on how to start creating an account in the provider portal.

Step 3 – Prospective Providers will create an account in the Elicensing System and will register for Orientation.

Step 4 – Prospective Providers will attend Orientation/Intake Session and will be verified in the system as having attended the session. The Prospective Provider can complete the Pre-application screen.

Step 5 - After completing Orientation/Intake, Prospective Providers will begin Small Business Academy.

Step 6 - The Prospective Provider will complete the application information in the Elicensing system.

Step 7 – The Program Specialist will conduct a measuring visit/walk-through of the location slated for the agency. The Program Specialist will measure for capacity and look for any obvious hazards or safety issues. The Program Specialist will request State Fire inspection, Environmental Inspection, and Choose Safe Places review. The Program Specialist will also instruct the Prospective Provider to secure a clearance letter from Codes and Zoning and will guide/work with the Prospective Provider is any Special Use and Occupancy permits are required.

Step 8 – After all inspections and clearance letters have been received, the Program Specialist will request the fee and will provide options and specifics on how to submit payment. The Program Specialist will submit the Intake/Grant Eligibility form to CFMT if all Establishment Grant requirements have been met.

Step 9 -The Program Specialist will conduct the first walk-through visit

Step 10 – The Program Specialist and a LC and FS will conduct the second walk-through visit. A recommendation for a Provisional License will be submitted by the Program Specialist and approved by a Program Manager if the agency is compliant with all rules and requirements set forth by the department and all required documents and trainings have been completed and recorded.

Note: The agency will be granted a Provisional License and monitoring visits will begin.