TTAP - Core Programs

Funding Assistance

The Funding Assistance program is designed to assist individuals with disabilities and their family members in determining all funding options and resources available to them. The Funding Specialist at TTAP and staff at each assistive technology center are available to provide information on how individuals with disabilities can access various funding sources in order to acquire assistive devices and services.  Some funding sources can be confusing in terms of their eligibility criteria and application processes.  The Funding Specialist can help guide individuals through all the steps involved in identifying and requesting the available funding. This assistance sometimes means the difference between obtaining a device and not getting a device that could increase independence.

Device Demonstration

To ensure better access to assistive technology devices and services, the Device Demonstration program allows for individuals with disabilities, professionals and the general public to see both high-tech and low-tech devices that are available to increase or maintain independence. Whether the demonstration is provided in a technology center, a conference or health fair, individuals have an opportunity to see these devices up close.  When making decisions about assistive technology, demonstrations will provide a better understanding of the devices available.

Device Loan

Sometimes people simply need to borrow a device when trying to determine which device works best for them.  That's where the TTAP Device Loan program can help.  Each of our five assistive technology centers has devices available for loan.  These long or short-term loans are designed to increase the access to assistive technology so people with disabilities have an opportunity to see whether a specific device will meet their needs before making a purchasing decision.  A device loan may also serve as a short term replacement device while their device is being ordered or repaired.

Device Reutilization

In order to stretch limited resources as far as possible and at the same time increase acquisition of devices, the TTAP Device Reutilization program gives new life to older yet functional technology by matching that technology with the needs of individuals who have disabilities who might not otherwise have the resources to purchase new technology. These devices are safe, in working condition, and are provided at no charge to the individual or family member.