Admissions and Advisors

Admissions Procedure

All prospective students must contact their Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) and discuss the options of attending TRC. If the decision is made to apply, the VRC will assist the individual in completing the “Intent to Apply” form and ensure all information is complete and signatures are obtained. The VRC will submit the form to the TRC Admission Office. The Admission office will review the individual’s file to obtain necessary information. They will then contact the prospective student and/or conservator to complete the application, provide information about TRC and answer questions the prospective student may have. The admissions office will also request any additional documentation that may be needed to assist in the acceptance process. Once a decision has been made, the VRC will be notified by email and a letter will be sent to the applicant informing him/her of the decision.

If accepted, the prospective student will also receive a Provider’s Examination and Physical Function form that must be completed by his/her primary physician. A letter that can be provided to the primary physician will also be mailed to the accepted student to assist in explaining the need for the physical. All physicals must be completed within the last year prior to admission and all forms must be received by TRC within two (2) weeks of the scheduled arrival date. The scheduled arrival date will be stated in the acceptance letter.


Each student at the center is assigned an Advisor who is responsible for coordinating services to ensure that the student receives the maximum benefit from his/her TRC enrollment. As the liaison to the referring Rehabilitation Counselor, the Advisor informs and updates all necessary persons about the student’s progress in his/her service program. The Advisor serves as a student advocate and is available to provide guidance and support to the student and family.