Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Services are available to help eligible adults who are blind and visually impaired to successfully compete with others in entering, returning, or retaining employment. These services are coordinated by Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors who have been specially trained to work with clients who are blind or visually impaired. Services are customized to meet the needs of the client who plays an active role in developing an Individualized Plan for Employment and choosing services and service providers. Depending upon an individual's particular circumstances, the following services may be available:

* Guidance and Counseling
* Vocational Training
* Post Secondary Education
* Orientation and Mobility Training
* Independent Living Services
* Personal Adjustment Training
* Work Adjustment
* Technology Related Services
* Job Placement
* Medical, surgical, and hospital care needed to eliminate or reduce the effect of the visual disability; and,
* Information and Referral

Some of these services are based upon economic need and may require financial participation on the part of the client. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are located in all of our regional offices.