DHS Mission, Vision and Core Values

Over the past few years, the Tennessee Department of Human Services has been on a trajectory to connect more with customers, DHS employees, and all of our partners. We’ve reached many of our goals, and can truly say we’ve made our mission possible, but we aren't done yet! 


Strengthen Tennessee by Strengthening Tennesseans


To revolutionize the customer experience by growing capacity to reduce dependency.

Core Values

  • High Performance
  • Collaboration
  •  Continuous Improvement
  • A Shared Vision
  •  Customer-Centered Solutions

Service Philosophy

The Tennessee Department of Human Services will:

  • Maintain the trust of our customers, partners, and the public by demonstrating excellence in service delivery, results, and effective fiscal stewardship;
  • Operate from a strength perspective;
  • Operate in a manner that reflects the importance of public-private partnerships in human service;
  • Maintain ongoing efforts to be a learning organization;
  • Be transparent, agile, innovative, and responsive;
  • Engage employees and customers as strategic partners; and
  • Recruit, retain, and reward high performing employees.