Arrest Report

Per Tenn. Rules & Regs. § 1240-07-10-.09 (11), (a) A center shall immediately notify the Department if it receives information, either through first-hand knowledge or via a third party, that a person who is operating, working in, volunteering at, or has any access whatsoever to the adult day services center: 1. Is currently charges with a crimianl offense; 2. Has a criminal conviction; or 3. Is listed on the state vulnerable persons registry, sexual offender registry or Department of Children’s Services substantiated perpetrator registry. (b) Such notification shall be made by telephoning the Department within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving such information. This shall include all information received by the center that was not included in the criminal background check/state registry review that was required to be conducted prior to the person assuming any role at the center. (12) The failure of an adult day services center to immediately exclude individuals with a criminal background history or state registry review status that requires exclusion pursuant to T.C.A. § 71-2-403 and this rule, as directed by the Department, shall be the basis for the immediate suspension, denail or revocation of the adult day services center’s license.

To submit notice of an arrest or known charge for an employee, please use the Charge/Arrest Report Form: Charges-Arrest Report Form