Health Resiliency Program (HRP)



The Tennessee Dept. of Health’s Healthcare Resiliency Program (HRP) will award competitive grants to eligible applicants in two categories – Capital Investments, and Practice Transformation and Extension – meant to expand capacity, enhance care delivery, invest in technology, and improve access to health and healthcare services across the state. The Tennessee Dept. of Health will administer the HRP grants.

HRP Capital Investment Grants

TDH opened applications for HRP’s Capital Investment grants on Nov. 3, 2022, with $145 million in available funding. The Capital Investment grants will go to projects in the state that increase adult, and pediatric, intensive care unit and floor bed capacity at acute care hospitals and long-term care facilities.

The Capital Improvements application period is now closed and the Helpdesk phone number is no longer active. Questions can be sent via email to

HRP Capital Investment Grants - Applicant Information Session

HRP Practice Transformation & Extension Grants

On Nov. 10, 2022, TDH opened applications for HRP Practice Transformation and Extension grants, with $75 million in available funding.

The Practice Transformation and Extension grants will be for projects that improve and upgrade medical practices, technology and service delivery at acute care hospitals and long-term care facilities, and at other institutions, such as schools, that provide health and healthcare services.

TDH will announce the finalists for the HRP grants in March 2023, with all obligated grant funding to be spent by December 2026.

TDH’s HRP grants are funded through the American Rescue Plan, which passed Congress in March 2022. Tennessee received $3.9 billion in total ARP funds and in August 2021, the state’s Financial Stimulus Accountability Group dedicated $230 million in recovery funding to TDH for healthcare modernization and transformation projects. Questions can be sent via email to

HRP Practice Transformation & Extention Grants - Applicant Information Session

HRP Practice Transformation & Extension Grant Portal Submission Process

HRP Practice Transformation & Extension Grant  Reimbursement Request Training

HRP Practice Transformation & Extension Grant Procurement Upload Tutorial

Procurement and Uniform Guidance Requirements for Awardees