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Tennessee Teens in Action

Tobacco is no longer accepted as a social norm; Tennessee teens are educating their peers and influencing younger youth on the dangers of tobacco. 

10.13.19 Knox LitUp Truth Initiative Booth

National Day of Action

Knox County Youth Health Board members joined thousands of other teens on the National Day of Action Rally at the Knox LitUp Festival. The Students utilized posters and gear sent from the Truth Initiative toolkit and shared the importance of why students and adults should #DITCHJUUL for good.  Quit Smoking and Vaping Tools

October 2019

West High School Softball Team


First Softball Team to Take the Tobacco-Free Pledge! 

Congrats to the girls softball team at West High School . 

September 2019

North Knoxville Cleanup

Knoxville Cleanup

Youth Health Board students volunteering at the Keep Knoxville Beautiful North Knoxville Cleanup on Saturday, September 7th.  They collected 8 bags of trash, which included over 150 cigarette butts.

September 2019