Tennessee Cancer Registry Data

Cancer Data, Data Request, and Publication

The Tennessee Cancer Registry (TCR) strives to present the most complete, accurate, and timely reports of cancer data in the state of Tennessee; however, there is a lag time from the day the information is reported to the state until the information is processed and ready for release. Because this information includes incidence, stage at diagnosis, first course of treatment and vital status, it is a valuable tool in the evaluation of progress toward cancer prevention and control.

Data Request

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State of Tennessee Department of Health Policy, Planning and Assessment
Office of Cancer Surveillance
Tennessee Cancer Registry
Andrew Johnson Tower, 2nd Floor
710 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Phone 615-741–5548 or 800-547-3558
FAX 615-253-2399

E-Mail: TNCancer.Registry@tn.gov

TCR Research Projects

The TCR supports cancer research by assisting researchers in identifying cancer patients and/or their families for cancer research:

Study of Cause-Specific Mortality and Cancer Incidence in a Combined Cohort of Uranium Enrichment Workers
Principal Investigator: Anderson, Jeri, PhD
Institution: US Department of Energy (DOE)

The impact of Medicaid disenrollment in Tennessee on delays in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment
Principal Investigator: Tarazi, Wafa, MHPA
Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University

Pregnancy in Female Cancer Survivors
Principal Investigator: Howards, Penelope, PhD
Institution: Emory University

Continued Follow-up of PLCO Participants
Principal Investigator: Yu, Kelly, MPH, Ph.D
Institution: National Cancer Institute

Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Stage of Diagnosis and Place: Examining Social Determinants of CRC Stage of Diagnosis
Principal Investigator: Hodges, Jason, MA
Institution: UT Health Science Center

Synchronous Tumors in Tennessee – A Geo-Spatial Analysis
Principal Investigator: Terry, Paul, PhD, MPH
Institution: UT Knoxville Department of Epidemiology

African American Cancer Epidemiology Study (AACES)
Principal Investigator: Terry, Paul, PhD, MPH
Institution: Duke University

Epidemiology of Molecular Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Genetic Predictors for Premalignant Breast Disease
Principal Investigator: Dupont, William, PhD
Institution: Vanderbilt University

The North American Wilms Tumor Study
Principal Investigator: Hung, Rayjean, PhD
Institution: Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada

TN - Osteosarcoma Surveillance Study
Principal Investigator: Gilsenan, Alicia, PhD
Institution: RTI International on behalf of Eli Lilly & Co.

Camp Lejeune Health Survey
Principal Investigator: Ruckart, Perri, MPH
Institution: US Department of Defense

Cohort Cancer Registry Follow-up Study
Principal Investigator: Stampfer, Meir, MD, DrPH
Institution: Harvard University

Southern Community Cohort Study (SCCS) Study of Cancer Occurrences
Principal Investigator: Blot, William, PhD
Institution: International Epidemiology Institute, Rockville, MD

Black Women’s Health Study: A Follow Up Study
Principal Investigator: Rosenberg, Lynn, Sc.D.
Institution: Boston University Medical Center

TN - Forteo Patient Registry Linkage Study
Principal Investigator: Gilsenan, Alicia, PhD
Institution: RTI International on behalf of Eli Lilly & Co.

Nashville Breast Health Study
Principal Investigator: Zheng, Wei, MD, PhD
Institution: Vanderbilt University

Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma Surveillance Study: a Case-Series Registry
Principal Investigator: Smallridge, Robert, MD
Institution: United Biosource Corporation on behalf of Novo Nordisk, Inc.

Cancer Epidemiology in Adventists
Principal Investigator: Fraser, Gary, MD, PhD
Institution: Loma Linda University

Analysis of Cancer Risks in Populations Near Nuclear Facilities
Principal Investigator: Rania Kosti, PhD
Institution: National Academy of Sciences

Confidentiality Statement

All information obtained on patients shall be considered extremely classified. Absolutely no personal or identifying information, such as name or social security number, can be released to researchers unless Institutional Review Board Approval is obtained. All information shall be used solely for statistical, scientific and medical research purposes and shall be held strictly confidential by the TCR.