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Move Your Way Campaign

New 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and Move Your Way Campaign

The 2nd Edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans builds on the first edition, and includes updated recommendations. It includes specific, evidence-based physical activity recommendations for seniors and young children. The Move Your Way Campaign is a way to promote the new Guidelines. Excellent materials are available and include patient-focused handouts and media-ready messages.

Healthy Parks Healthy Person

Healthy Parks Healthy Person

Founded on the national Healthy Parks Healthy People initiative, Tennessee’s Healthy Parks Healthy Person program aims to help Tennesseans to get outdoors to improve physical and mental health. People can use the app to record time spent outdoors and earn rewards at state parks such as kayak rentals and stays in a state park lodge. Health care providers can prescribe time outdoors using the Parks Rx. The program is working toward an app/health record connection so that people can use the app to record their activities and providers can track patients’ progress in meeting their health goals.