Advanced Analytics & Visualization (AAV)


We are public health scientists funded by the CDC to utilize data from the Tennessee Department of Health to provide targeted information to support prevention, education, and intervention locally and statewide to reduce opioid-related morbidity and mortality in Tennessee. We apply best practices in public health and population science methodology (epidemiologic methods, statistics, and data management science) to support providing accurate and timely numbers and statistics. These methods underlie the dashboards and data briefs and other reports and publications.Data support data briefs, reports, dashboards, abstracts, presentations, and publications. We have several ongoing analyses to address specific questions of interest. See below for more details.

AAV Services

Analytics Team

  • Statistical Coding 
  • Data Quality Analytics 
  • Data Linkage 
  • Methods Consultation
  • Overdose/Prescription Surveillance

Visualization  Team

finance analysis report

Dashboard Development 

Infographic Design/Assistance 



R User Group




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