National CMP Reinvestment Network

The National CMP Reinvestment Network was established to help state CMP programs working to improve care and quality of life in nursing homes throughout their state. The network is hosted by Tennessee and Oklahoma, and holds quarterly webinar conferences. Anyone who has a CMP program within their state is invited to join the National CMP Reinvestment Network.

Network Webinars are held quarterly at 2 pm CT on the third Thursday of the month.




3/31/2022 Resident Peer Support and Mentoring Programs

PDF of Handouts

Recording of webinar

12/16/2021 Vohra's Wound Care Excellence Program, Vohra Wound Physicians

PDF of Handouts 

Recording of webinar

9/23/2021 CMP National Network - Federal Audit Overview and TN LifeBio project

CMP Federal Audit Overview

LifeBio CMP Project Overview

Recording of webinar

6/24/2021 CMP GARDEN Program

PDF of Handouts 

Recording of webinar

3/25/2021 Innovative Approaches to Nursing Home Pain Management

PDF of Handouts

Recording of webinar

12/16/2020 CMP Open Discussion PDF of Handouts
9/16/2020  Oklahoma Senior Smiles Project

PDF of Handouts  

Recording of webinar

3/18/2020  Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment  PDF of Handouts 
12/18/2019 Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement PDF of Handouts
9/18/2019 Open Forum PDF of Handouts


It's Not OK to Fall: A Pilot Project - Interventions Tailored to Meet Each Resident's Needs PDF of Handouts
3/20/2019 Person-Centered Staff Engagement


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PDF of Handouts

12/19/2018 Elder Abuse and Residents Rights: A Federal Perspective  PDF of Handouts

Tales from Texas:  Projects that Work

WisCaregiver Careers in Wisconsin: Increasing Long Term Care Workforce

Recording 9/19/2018

PDF of Handouts


Avoidable Hospitalizations: A Multi-State Project in Region IV

Florida Atlantic University


PDF of Handouts


Emergency Preparedness

Kentucky's CMP Funded Project for Emergency Preparedness

Florida's experience: Irma's impact and future preparedness


 PDF of Handouts



CMS Audit of CMP Programs

With Minnesota

PDF of HANDOUTS  12/6/17


Harvey: Update from Texas about the storm

Launching your CMP Program – Tools & Tips

With Minnesota and Indiana

Handouts 09/20/17

Recording not available



Oklahoma - Data driven (composite score trends and geospatial targeting)

Tennessee - Developing a state program, with notes from OK, LA, and IN program infrastructures and focus

Handouts 06/21/17