**Update** Use of the State Newborn Screening Secure Remote Viewer 06/26/2024
  Discontinuation of Molecular Detection of Bacterial Pathogens in Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) (Effective 04/11/2024) 04/11/2024
  Change in sampling material shipments to public water systems submitters                        (Effective 04/01/2024) 03/27/2024

2024 Reportable Disease Guidance

    -  List for Laboratories

    -  Detailed Laboratory Guidance

  Newborn Screening Results Portal for Providers  12/13/2023
  Discontinuation of SARS-CoV2 Testing at Knoxville Regional Laboratory (Effective 12/11/2023) 12/11/2023
  Discontinuation of SARS-CoV2 IgG Antibody Testing (Effective 11/20/2023) 11/20/2023
  Newborn Screening Fee Increase (Effective 1/1/2024): NBS Fee Increase Notice to Tennessee Birthing Hospitals 11/14/2023
  Ordering Newborn Screening Forms & Track-Kit Memorandum 10/04/2023

Updated Requisition Forms (rev. 7/2023)

   -  Clinical Submission Requisition (PH-4182) rev. 7/2023

   -  Select Agent Rule-Out Submission Requisition (PH-4263) rev. 7/2023

   -  Rabies Submission Requisition (PH-4177) rev. 4/2023

   -  Influenza and Respiratory Panel Submission Requisition (PH-4149) rev. 7/2023

   -  COVID-19 Test Requisition (PH-4360) rev. 7/2023


Updated Requisition Forms (rev. 8/2022)

   -  Clinical Submission Requisition (PH-4182) rev. 8/2022

   -  Select Agent Rule-Out Submission Requisition (PH-4263) rev. 8/2022

   -  Influenza and Respiratory Panel Submission Requisition (PH-4149) rev. 8/2022

   -  COVID-19 Test Requisition (PH-4360)

  Change in Water Bacteriological Analysis Forms and Shipping Update 1/1/2023

2023 Reportable Disease Guidance

    -  List for Laboratories

    -  Detailed Laboratory Guidance

  Discontiuation of CT/GC & Trichomonas Testing for Patients Under 14 Years of Age 12/12/2022
  Newborn Screening Dashboard  
  Rabies Processing Restored at Nashville Central Laboratory 2/14/2022
  HCV Laboratory Reporting Changes  12/13/2021
       Environmental Microbiolgoy Fee Increase 9/01/2021
  TN Emerging Infections Program Bench Buddy 7/27/2021

COVID-19 Resources

   -  COVID-19 Sequencing Guidance

   -  TN Lab Web Portal Quick Guide - COVID-19

   -  TN Lab Web Portal Presentation  - COVID-19

   -  Guidance for SARS-CoV2-2 Point of Care and Rapid Testing (CDC)

   -  Interim Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines for Handling and Processing Specimens  Associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CDC)

   -  Training Resource for Specimen Packing and Shipping (CDC) PowerPoint PDF

   -  Point of Care COVID-19 Antigen Testing Biosafety Guidance (DOT)

   -  Guide to Packaging Category B Samples Poster (DOT)

   -  Safety Advisory Notice for the Transportation of COVID-19 Diagnostic Samples (DOT)

  HIV and HCV Change in Specimen Collection Device 9/12/2021
  Change for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Newborn Screening for Low Birth Weight (LBW) Infants 7/22/2021
  Special Care Nursery NICU Recommendations 7/2/2021
  Infectious Substance Packing and Shipping Resources 7/22/2021
  SPHL Test Menu Changes - Memorandum 4/6/2021

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