Division of Health Planning

Welcome to the Division of Health Planning
Elizabeth Jones, Director

The Division of Health Planning is created by TCA § 68-11-1625 and is charged with creating Tennessee’s State Health Plan. The plan brings together input from stakeholders across the state, expert analysis of the health challenges we face and information collected from a variety of state and national resources to chart a path towards improved health outcomes and a better health care system. The State Health Plan is built around Five Principles for Achieving Better Health, which are based on the division’s statutory charge:

  1. The purpose of the State Health Plan is to improve the health of Tennesseans.
  2. Every citizen should have reasonable access to health care.
  3. The state’s health care resources should be developed to address the needs of Tennesseans while encouraging competitive markets, economic efficiencies and the continued development of the state’s health care system.
  4. Every citizen should have confidence that the quality of health care is continually monitored and standards are adhered to by health care providers.
  5. The state should support the development, recruitment and retention of a sufficient and quality health care workforce.

The State Health Plan is updated annually. It is meant to be a living plan that adapts to changes and new challenges. Please see how you can get involved to lend your voice to the State Health Plan. We welcome your partnership in working to protect, promote and improve the health and prosperity of people in Tennessee, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Health Planning Staff

Elizabeth Jones                                                               Judi Knecht​
Director                                                                              Certificate of Public Advantage, Assistant Director
Email: Elizabeth.Jones@tn.gov                                     Email: Judi.Knecht@tn.gov

M. Sarah Elliott                                                                James Mathis
State Health Plan Manager                                           Certificate of Public Advantage, Director
Email:m.sarah.elliott@tn.gov                                        Email: James.mathis@tn.gov

Trent Sansing
Joint Annual Reports and Certificate of Need, Director