Tennessee Cancer Coalition

Mission Statement:  To measurably reduce the burden and impact of cancer for Tennesseans through prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivorship.

The Tennessee Cancer Coalition, or TC2, is a statewide, multidisciplinary, coalition of progressive leaders in cancer care and support.  TC2 provides networking, education, best practice sharing, and partnership opportunities for individuals and organizations.. Members of TC2 are divided into three regional work groups and represent organizations and individuals such as state government agencies, hospitals, colleges/universities, faith-based organizations, survivors, and insurance companies to name a few. 

The regional work groups are tasked with the implementation of objectives and strategies in the State of Tennessee Cancer Plan (STCP). The STCP serves as the evidence-based blueprint for members regarding health equity, cancer risk reduction, screening, treatment, survivorship, palliative care, and inherited cancer.  Activities within each work group are divided into sections of the state and are aligned to each region’s specific cancer priority. 

TC2 is free to join.  Your membership will connect you to nearly 80 statewide organizations and over 100 individuals working together to create healthier communities in Tennessee.

2018-2022 Tennessee Cancer Plan


Tennessee Cancer Coalition Executive Committee

West TN Chair:  Carla Baker, Memphis Breast Cancer Consortium

West TN Co-Chair:  Elizabeth Newman, Alice and Carl Kirkland Cancer Center

West TN Secretary:  Nicole Russell, STAR Center

Middle TN Chair:  Roberta White, Tennessee Department of Health

Middle TN Co-Chair:  Maddie Bushnell, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

Middle TN Secretary:  Candace X. Jones, Tennessee Department of Health

East TN Chair:  Mike Leventhal, Tennessee Men's Health Network

East TN Co-Chair:  Beki Rose, Ballad Health

Commission on Cancer State Chair:  Dr. James Martin McLoughlin, University of TN Medical Center - Knoxville

Program Director II:  Emilee Bauer, Tennessee Department of Health

Program Director I:  Rachel Matlock, Tennessee Department of Health


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TC2 Bylaws

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