Maternal Mortality Review

The state of Tennessee established the Maternal Mortality Review and Prevention Committee in January 2017. The team is composed of a multidisciplinary expert panel that is tasked to review maternal deaths and report recommendations for changes to any law, rule, or policy that would promote the safety and well-being of women and prevention of maternal deaths.

The committee is composed of a multidisciplinary expert panel with representation from:

-Public health                                                     - Pediatrics                                    -Domestic violence

-Obstetrics-gynecology                                    - Nursing                                       -Hospital Patient Safety

-Anesthesiology                                                 -Nurse-Midwifery                       -Tennessee Senate 

-Neonatology                                                     -Medical examiner                     -House of Representatives

-Maternal and fetal medicine                        -Mental health        



Maternal Mortality Annual Report

Maternal Mortality Committee  Quarterly Notifications

Maternal Health Task Force

Mission:  The mission of the Maternal Health Task Force is to improve and maintain the health of those who are pregnant before, during and after pregnancy, by developing and implementing strategies that align with the MMR Committee recommendations. ​

Vision:  Reduce maternal deaths and eliminate disparities in maternal health outcomes.

Apply to join the Tennessee Maternal Health Task Force here.