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Cancer: Thriving and Surviving workshops are now available in many counties in Tennessee. Some counties are also offering the Living Well with Chronic Conditions and Take Charge of Your Diabetes Self-Management programs.

Find Local Program Workshops:

Find an upcoming workshop in your area by contacting your local health department.  The website is

Online Self-Management Workshops:

Better Choices, Better Health™, previously named Self-Management @ Stanford Healthier Living with Ongoing Health Problems, is an online workshop given on the Internet.  Groups of about 25 people with a variety of ongoing health conditions participate together.  Each workshop is six weeks with guided lessons, group discussions and peer facilitators.  Participants log in two to three times a week for a total of two hours a week. 

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For more information, call the Tennessee Cancer: Thriving and Surviving Program at 615-741-0357.

Other Tennessee Self-Management Programs

UT Extension ( for program links with Family and Consumer Sciences.

Area on Aging (

My Health, My Choice, My Life (