Academic Health Department

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Purpose and Goals:

The TDH Academic Health Department provides opportunities for students, faculty, and academic institutions to partner with the Tennessee Department of Health. The AHD centrally manages student experiences including internships, fellowships, medical residencies, and collaborative projects. The goal of the AHD is to engage students, educators, and new graduates in meaningful practice to protect and improve the health and well-being of people in Tennessee.

Benefits of the Academic Health Department:

Education: Engaging with timely, relevant topics to increase knowledge and skills. This two-way communication contributes to both Workforce Development and faculty connection with practitioners.
Relationship-building: Networking among practitioners, faculty, and students around areas of mutual interest builds and extends trust.
Practice-focused research: Relevant research opportunities are identified as stakeholders discuss needs,emphasizing the iterative cycle where research translates to practice and practice informs research.
Improving the public’s health: The ultimate goal is to ensure that prevention interventions are supported by science and effective in practice in order to improve the public’s health. This motive drives all other outcomes.

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Opportunities Supported by the Academic Health Department:

If you are a student:
Explore internship and fellowship opportunities through the links on this page. We are excited to offer you opportunities to learn and grow while working on timely projects under the mentorship of TDH experts. 

If you are a faculty member or representative of an academic institution, contact AHD Coordinator, Casie Higginbotham, about these opportunities:
Classroom presentations on TDH and the Academic Health Department
Expert, discipline-specific guest lectures from TDH staff
Visits to TDH sites (state, regional, and local)
Tours of the state lab
Scholarly collaborations and service-learning opportunities

If you have questions:
Contact us at: