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Before making a public records request, please review the Tennessee Department of Health Public Records Policy and review the records posted online.  Tennessee Department of Health Public Records Policy.

See also, Tennessee Public Records Act (TPRA), Tennessee Code Annotated, § 10-7-501 et. seq. and Rule 1220-35-01-.01 et seq

All Public Record Requests must include:
State if you ARE/ARE NOT a TENNESSEE CITIZEN. Include a copy of your government-issued identification, such as your Tennessee driver’s license

Are you requesting:
INSPECTION :The Tennessee Public Records Act [“TPRA”] does not permit fees or require a written request for inspection only).
ELECTRONIC (your email address is required)

RECORDS REQUESTED – Your request must provide enough detail to enable the records custodian to identify the specific records you are seeking.
Type of record
Timeframe or dates for the records requested
Subject Matter or Key Words related to the records requested.

You will be charged the reasonable cost for producing copies of the records. You must pay the charges before the records are produced.
Confidential information will be removed from the records, as required by Tennessee or federal law.
The Department is not required to sort through files to compile information or to create or recreate a record that does not exist to satisfy a record request.

Submit requests to the Tennessee Department of Health, including details of your request

Department’s fillable form: If you use this form, include your government-issued identification as required by Department Policy.
Facsimile (615) 532-7668

In Writing
Andrew Johnson Tower
5th Floor
710 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243
Attn: Public Records Request

In Person
Andrew Johnson Tower
5th Floor
710 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243

NOTE:The Tennessee Department of Health does not require use of any specific form for individuals to receive public records. The form is provided as a guide to assist requestors in submitting information required for a records request to be processed in a timely manner

Requesting Public Records from a different Tennessee State department or agency?

Consult that entity's website or contact the public record request coordinator identified on the Comptroller of the Treasury website. Public Records Requests (

For a directory State of Tennessee Government Departments and Agencies: Department Directory - or Department Directory (

Technical Support

For technical support or problems viewing a webpage, please dial 629-888-5871 or 1-888-834-4375 and select one of the following options.

  • Option One (1) for Edison Helpdesk,
  • Option Two (2) for the STS Helpdesk or
  • Option Three (3) for the Health Service Desk

Request monthly Disciplinary Action Report by e-mail

Tennessee Department of Health issues a monthly media release listing all disciplinary actions taken by the health related boards during the prior month. Receive the monthly Disciplinary Action Report by e-mail. Please include your name, title/position, organization name, office phone and email in your request.

Request monthly Public Notice of Meetings by e-mail

The Tennessee Department of Health issues a monthly public notice of meetings of all government bodies whose actions can affect public policy. Receive the monthly notice news release by e-mail. Please include your name, title/position, organization name, office phone and email in your request.

Request TDH news releases by email

Tennessee Department of Health news releases are available online at Join our listserv to receive TDH news releases by email. Please include your name, title/position, organization name, office phone number and email address in your request.

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Dental Services    (615)741-8618  
Employee Health Clinic   (615)741-1709  
Hemophilia Program   (615)741-5225  
Renal Program   (615)741-5225  
Traumatic Brain Injury   (615)741-1230  
Division of Family Health and Wellness     
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention 615-532-0274  

Birth Defects


Breast and Cervical Cancer




Call Center Manager


Child Fatality Review


Child Health and Development (CHAD)


Childhood Lead Poisoning


Child Nutrition and Wellness


Child Safety Seat Distribution


Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs


Children’s Special Services (CSS)


Chronic Disease Prevention/Health Promotion


Community Health Access Navigation in TN (CHANT- Help Us Grow Successfully/HUGS, CCS, Community Outreach)


Community Nutrition


Comprehensive Cancer Program


Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems




Family Planning


Family and Youth Engagement


Fetal Infant Mortality Review


Healthier Beginnings


Healthy Start


Home Visiting


Injury Prevention


Maternal Mortality Review


Newborn Screening (Genetics, Metabolic and Hearing) 


Perinatal, Pediatric and Infant Care


Poison Control


Prenatal Presumptive Eligibility Director


Primary Prevention Impact Services


Project Diabetes


Rape Prevention Education


Reproductive and Women’s Health


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)




Traumatic Brain Injury


Welcome Baby


WIC, Commodity Supplemental Food Program, Farmers Markets


Division of Health Disparities  
Minority Health   (615)741-9443  
Rural Health    (615)741-0380  
State Health Access Program   (615)741-5226  
State Conrad J-1 Visa Program   (615)741-2101  
State Loan Repayment Program   (615)532-0195  
State Office of Rural Health and Primary Care   (615)741-0388  
Uninsured Adult Primary Care and    (615)741-4545  
   Emergency Dental Services Safety Net Program        
Division of Health Licensure and Regulation    
(615) 741-8404    
CLIA   (615)741-7023  
Emergency Medical Services   (615)741-2584  
Health Care Facilities   (615)741-7221  
Health Care Facilities Complaint Hot Line   (877)287-0010  
Health Related Boards   (615)532-3202  
Investigations   (615)532-3421  
Nurse Aide Questions   (615)532-5171  
Nurse Aide Registry   (615)741-7670  
Right to Know   (615)253-8746  
Health Related Boards -   (615) 532-3202  
Pain Clinics:        
   Owned by Medical Doctors   (615)741-3218  
   Owned by Osteopathic Physicians   (615)741-3218  
   Owned by Physician Assistants   (615)741-3218  
   Owned by Advanced Practice Nurses   (615)741-3218  
Acupuncture   (615) 532-4384  
Alcohol & Drug Counselors   (615) 741-5735  
Athletic Trainers   (615) 741-3807  
Behavioral Analysts   (615) 741-5735  
Chiropractic Examiners   (615) 741-3807  
Communications Disorders & Sciences   (615) 741-5735  
Continuing Education   (615) 532-2520  
Controlled Substance Monitoring Database   (615) 253-1305  
Criminal Background Check   (615) 741-0384  
Dental   (615) 532-5073  
Dietitians/Nutritionist   (615) 532-5090  
Dispensing Opticians   (615) 532-5090  
Electrology   (615) 532-5090  
Genetic Counselors   (615) 532-4384  
Hearing Instrument Specialists (HIS)   (615) 741-5735  
Massage   (615) 253-2111  
Medical Examiners   (615) 532-4384  
Medical Laboratory   (615) 532-5128  
Medical Spa   (615) 532-4384  
Medical X-Ray &Radiologist Assistants   (615) 532-4384  
Midwifery   (615) 532-4384  
Nursing   (615) 532-5166  
Nursing Home Administrators   (615) 532-5090  
Occupational Therapy   (615) 741-3807  
Optometry   (615) 532-5090  
Osteopathic Physicians & Osteopathic X-Ray   (615) 532-4384  
Pain Management Clinic   (615) 741-3218  
Perfusionists, Clinical   (615) 532-4384  
Pharmacy   (615)-253-1299   
Physical Therapy   (615) 741-3807  
Physician Assistants   (615) 532-4384  
Podiatry (Orthotist, Pedorthist & Prosthetist)   (615) 741-5735  
Polysomnography   (615) 532-4384  
Prof Counselors, Marital & Family Therapy, Pastoral Counselors (615) 741-5735  
Psychology   (615) 741-5735  
Reflexology   (615) 253-2111  
Respiratory Care   (615) 532-5090  
Social Workers   (615) 741-5735  
Veterinary (& Vet X-Ray, Animal Control, Euthanasia Techs) (615) 532-5090  
Division of Information Technology Services  
Helpdesk   629-888-5871
Division of Laboratory Services  
Division of Policy, Planning and Assessment  
Cancer Surveillance   (615)532-7903  
Health Statistics Data Request   (615)741-4939  
Vital Records   (615)685-4700  
Medical Records Closed Licensed Facilities   (615)741-4411  
Office of Communication and Media Relations  
Office of Compliance  
Internal Audit   (615)741-1733  
HIPAA   877-280-0054  
Title VI   (615)741-9421  
To report suspicious or fraud, waste or abuse within the Department, contact the office of Internal Audit at  
(615)741-1733 or the Comptroller of the Treasury’s Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline at (800)232-5454.  
Office of General Counsel  
(615)532-7665 or (615)741-1611  
Office of Health Policy Advisory  
Office of Human Resources  
Classification Compensation   (615)741-6354  
Employee Benefits   (615)532-8197  
Human Resource Transactions/Attendance and Leave (615)253-5604  
Performance Evaluation   (615)741-6354  
Office of Legislative Services  
Office of Patient Care Advocacy  
(615)741-5879 or (800)722-7901  
Office of Quality Improvement and Accreditation  
Office of Chief Medical Examiner   
(844) 860-4511  
Satellite Office - Johnson City  
(423) 439-8403  
Office of Health Planning  
The State Health Plan   (615)532-3161  
Certificate of Need    (615)532-3161  
Public Records Requests    
Commissioner's Office  
Interim Commissioner Morgan McDonald, MD, FACP, FAAP   (615)741-3111