Tick-Borne Diseases

American dog tick
Black-legged tick
Lone star tick

Diseases spread by ticks are a growing concern in Tennessee. Six medically important tick species live in our state, and in recent decades, their populations have been increasing. They typically dwell in grassy, brushy, or wooded areas, and although they mostly bite humans in the warmer seasons, the black-legged tick poses a threat even during the winter. It is important to remain vigilant by conducting tick checks whenever you return from the outdoors; for more information, see our page on how to prevent and remove ticks.

Ticks can transmit a number of different diseases (click here for a complete list), but the most common in Tennessee include Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis, ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, and anaplasmosis. The TN Department of Health's Vector-Borne Diseases program tracks and responds to tick-borne diseases in our state.