2021 Legislative Priorities

Governor Lee's 2021 key administration bills focus on reducing crime, supporting strong families, and getting our economy back up to speed.

Supporting Tennessee Families

Foster Youth Reach Act, SB0722/HB0139: provides higher education support for youth aging out of the foster care system through a pilot outreach program.   

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Proposal, SB0751/HB0142: supports families in need by reforming our TANF program to promote economic mobility and improved outcomes for recipients.


Supporting Quality Education

Common Core Supplemental Materials, SB0769/HB0782: prohibits the local selection of supplemental education materials by schools and districts that are aligned to Common Core, closing a loophole in state law.


Serving Tennessee Heroes

STRONG Act Expansion, SB0755/HB0083: enhances education opportunities for Tennessee National Guard members by expanding tuition reimbursement to include technical certificates

and master’s programs.

National Guard Reemployment Act, SB0754/HB0082: ensures Tennessee National Guard members retain employment after returning from active state duty.

Volunteer Firefighter Reimbursement, SB0778/HB0772: provides $600 payments to volunteer firefighters who successfully complete forty hours of in-service training.

Strengthening Tennessee Businesses and Workforce

Tennessee Apprenticeship Act, SB0752/HB0771: expands access and improves quality of apprenticeship programs in Tennessee by registering apprenticeships through the state rather than the federal government.

Business Supports and Taxation, SB0775/HB0776: supports economic recovery of Tennessee small businesses by permitting the deduction of state business relief payments from the state’s franchise and excise tax.

Entertainment Tax Credit, SB0736/HB0141: creates a sales and use tax exemption and a franchise and excise tax credit for film production in Tennessee.


Building Safe Neighborhoods

Constitutional Carry, SB0765/HB0786: advances Second Amendment rights by allowing law-abiding citizens to carry a handgun without a permit while enhancing penalties for firearm theft.

Reentry Success Act, SB0768/HB0785: improves outcomes for formerly incarcerated individuals by increasing transparency in the parole process and enhancing practices that support success post-release.

Alternatives to Incarceration, SB0767/HB0784: expands treatment services and community-based supervision for offenders as alternatives to incarceration.


Addressing Foreign Influences and Confucius Institutes on College Campuses

Transparency in Foreign Investment Act, SB1191/HB1238: requires greater transparency for any foreign investment activity on college campuses, particularly programs and partnerships with Confucius Institutes that have concerning ties to communist regimes.


In addition to legislative proposals, Gov. Lee’s programmatic initiatives are outlined in his State of the State address.