Adam Mansell

Amber Finlay

Why did you choose to participate in the Governor’s Management Fellowship Program?

“I joined the Governor’s Management Fellowship to make a difference. I wanted to have real responsibility on projects that actively make the state a better place. From the beginning, the fellowship program empowers participants with resources and opportunities to apply their skills on projects they’re passionate about.” -Adam Mansell.

Jasmine Miller

Amber Finlay

What drew you to public service?  Why government?

“I’ve always wanted to engage in mission-driven work centered on bettering people’s lives without feeling pressured to turn a huge profit or hit sales targets. Working in public service allows me to do just that, and the fellowship has given me the opportunity to work with government leaders and community partners to improve the lives of Tennesseeans across the state.” -Jasmine Miller

Dakota Simpson

Amber Finlay

What have you found to be the biggest benefit of the program? 

“The biggest benefit of the fellowship has been the increased professional visibility and networking opportunities the program provides. In a short amount of time, graduates are able to drastically grow their professional network through collaborating on projects that span multiple agencies, participating in structured learning opportunities, and by gaining insight about the State of Tennessee’s operations from senior departmental leadership. By participating in the Governor’s Management Fellowship, a participant is exposed to numerous opportunities to leave a good impression on some of the state’s most influential leaders.” -Dakota Simpson

Marissa Uchimura

Amber Finlay

If there is one thing that someone considering this fellowship should know, what would it be?  

“This fellowship uniquely positions you to form connections and seek out learning experiences with some of the most respected leaders in Tennessee government and public service more broadly. However, you as a fellow must be proactive about pursuing those opportunities – they will not simply fall into your hands. Being able to boldly recognize and take those initiatives is an essential skill to master throughout your two years.” -Marissa Uchimura

Emily You

Amber Finlay

Why should someone consider this fellowship?

“One should consider this fellowship if you are interested in gaining consulting experience. The office that the Fellowship is housed in acts as the State’s internal consulting office and it is a great place to lay the foundation for consulting skills. Once you are placed in a department, you will be able to make use of those skills and apply them to your defined project.” –Emily You.