Caleb Rogers

Amber Finlay

What have you found to be the biggest benefit of the program?

The biggest benefit of the fellowship has been the wealth of opportunities I’ve received as a fellow: Opportunities to learn about the inner workings of state government; opportunities to meet with and learn from top state leaders, and opportunities to work on high-level, impactful projects that will impact future generations of Tennesseans. – Caleb Rogers

Katherine Rinkenberger

Amber Finlay

Why should someone consider this fellowship?

The Tennessee Governor's Management Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to engage in meaningful public service and contribute to the state's governance. Fellows benefit from a comprehensive program that includes mentorship, professional development, and exposure to diverse projects across departments. The fellowship fosters a collaborative and innovative environment, encouraging fellows to apply their skills and knowledge to address real-world challenges facing Tennessee. By joining this program, Fellows not only enhance their leadership and analytical abilities but also become integral contributors to the state's commitment to excellence in public administration. The Tennessee Governor's Management Fellowship is not just a job opportunity; it is a foundation for a rewarding career in public service. - Katherine Rinkenberger

Marjan Ata

Amber Finlay

What drew you to public service?  Why government?

I was drawn to work in state government, because of the level of impact that it has on all Tennesseans, and it aligns with my own personal mission to serve. Being able to serve a wide array of people through various initiatives, programs, and projects is the most fulfilling aspect of public service and working in government. By virtue of working in state government it embeds you into public service as your position requires you to serve all Tennesseans through various avenues. Working in state government, especially as a Governor’s Management Fellow, leverages you to make systemic and institutional level impacts that are often challenging to do in other sectors. – Marjan Ata

Nora Johnson

Amber Finlay

If there is one thing that someone considering this fellowship should know, what would it be?  

The fellowship is designed for learners. You don’t have to be an expert in policy or administration to succeed; you just need an eagerness to learn and a willingness to engage in new experiences. The program uniquely positions fellows to work alongside experts in every field who are passionate about improving the lives of Tennesseans. As a fellow and young professional, their mentorship provides invaluable opportunities for development and growth. - Nora Johnson

Varsha Kommireddi

Amber Finlay

Why did you choose to participate in the Governor’s Management Fellowship Program?

I chose to participate in the Governor's Management Fellowship to collaborate with high-ranking government officials, leveraging innovation and operational efficiency to contribute to positive change. This opportunity aligns with my passion for leadership and my commitment to making a meaningful impact for the state. Recognizing the importance of stepping outside my comfort zone, I embraced the Governor's Management Fellowship as an opportunity to apply my business management degree to the complex realm of state governance. I see the Governor's Management Fellowship as a platform to channel my leadership skills toward making a tangible impact. I am eager to contribute to positive change, build a diverse toolkit, and expand my network while working alongside esteemed government officials. This fellowship aligns seamlessly with my goal of combining leadership, service, and impact. - Varsha Kommireddi