Procurement Commission and Advisory Council

Procurement Commission

TCA § 4-56-102 states:

There is created a Procurement Commission, which shall consist of the Commissioners of General Services and Finance and Administration, and the Comptroller of the Treasury. The Chief Procurement Officer shall serve as a non-voting member.  The commission shall adopt a procedure governing its proceedings, and the chief procurement officer shall keep a permanent and accurate record of all of its proceedings.

All departments and agencies shall submit existing rules related to procurement to the Commission for the Commission's review, comment, and recommendations for any changes to such rules. Prior to forwarding draft rules related to procurement to the secretary of state, all departments shall submit such draft rules to the Commission for the Commission's review and comment together with any recommendations for changes to such draft rules.  The Attorney General and reporter shall serve as legal counsel to the commission in accordance with the requirements of § 8-6-301.

The Commission has the power and authority, except as otherwise provided in this chapter, to review, comment, and approve draft rules and regulations, policies, standards, and procedures to be followed consistent with this chapter and title 12, chapters 3 and 4, and to make recommendations for changes thereto, governing the procurement of goods and services, contracting, agency contract and grant management, training and professional development, and the disposal of goods and services by the state.

The Commission is authorized to promulgate necessary rules and regulations in accordance with the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, compiled in chapter 5 of this title, as well as policies and procedures to implement this chapter.

The Commission shall not exercise authority over the award or administration of any particular contract or grant.

ByLaws and Rules of Procedure

Advisory Council

Under TCA 4-56-106 (including amendments made under Public Chapter 295), effective November 1, 2011, there is created an advisory council on state procurement. The council will consist of five voting members, and seven non-voting members. All members shall have a demonstrable working knowledge of the state procurement process. All procurement policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures established by the Chief Procurement Officer will be reviewed by the council and the council will issue a formal comment before they are presented for approval before the Procurement Commission. When requested by the CPO, the Council may conduct studies, research, analysis, and make reports and recommendations with respect to subjects or matters within the authority and duties of the CPO. The council will serve a strictly advisory role in the performance of its duties, but it will monitor the performance of the CPO in the implementation of legislative directives. The council may also be asked by legislative committees to comment on the potential effects of proposed legislation on the procurement and contract processes.

ByLaws and Rules of Procedure



Appointed By

Term End Date

5 Voting Members: Mike Perry N/A N/A
  Chris Benson DGS – Commissioner Branscom  N/A
  Hannah Salita DGS – Commissioner Branscom N/A
  Eugene Neubert F&A – Commissioner Bryson N/A
  Jennifer Pfeiffer Comptroller Mumpower N/A
7 Non-Voting Members: Michael Connors Governor Lee N/A
  Sean Newman  Governor Lee N/A
  Jim Burnett Lt. Governor N/A
  Leslie Hafner Lt. Governor N/A
  VACANT Speaker of the House N/A
  VACANT Speaker of the House N/A
  VACANT Fiscal Review Com. Chairman Rep. Todd Gardenhire N/A