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Effective April 2, 2012, each state agency was required by legislation to designate a staff person to assist the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise with coordinating the agency’s efforts to utilize Tennessee small businesses.  The following is a list of the Agency Small Business Liaisons:

Department Liason Name Phone No. E-mail Address
Agriculture Peggy Naifeh 615-837-5300 Peggy.Naifeh@tn.gov
Children's Services Erica Mayberry 615-253-2340 Erica.Mayberry@tn.gov
Commerce and Insurance Angela Lay 615-401-7743 Angela.Lay@tn.gov
Comptroller of the Treasury Paige Donaldson 615-736-6063 Paige.Donaldson@cot.tn.gov
Correction Kelly Young 615-253-8165 Kelly.Young@tn.gov
Economic and Community Development Angela Giles 615-917-3963 Angel.Giles@tn.gov 
Education Brian DiCarlo 615-290-6715 Brian.DiCarlo@tn.gov
Environment and Conservation Amanda Head 615-504-0373 Amanda.Head@tn.gov
Finance and Administration Eugene Neubert 615-770-3990 Eugene.Neubert@tn.gov
Financial Institutions Tommie Pendergrass 615-232-1013 Tommie.K.pendergrass@tn.gov
General Services Kim Henry 615-741-2562 Kimberly.Henry@tn.gov
Health Lindsey Oliveras 615-741-1614 Lindsay.R.Oliveras@tn.gov
Health Care F&A (TennCare) Matt Brimm
615-507-6384 Matt.Brimm@tn.gov
Human Resources Cindy Hobbs 615-741-6199 Cindy.Hobbs@tn.gov
Human Services Stephen Reksten 615-313-4794 Stephen.Reksten@tn.gov
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Hany Ghabious 615-741-9135 Hany.Ghabious@tn.gov
Labor and Workforce Development Andy Summar 615-360-4465 Andy.Summar@tn.gov
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Cynthia Tyler 615-532-6586 Cynthia.Tyler@tn.gov
Military Crystal M. Lysinger 615-313-0691 Crystal.M.Lysinger@tn.gov
Office of the Governor Daphne Cooper 615-532-4582 Daphne.Cooper@tn.gov
Revenue Amanda McGraw 615-253-8950 Amanda.McGraw@tn.gov
Safety Marki Mascolo 615-251-5238 Marki.T.Mascolo@tn.gov
State of TN Real Estate Asset Management (STREAM) Jennifer Murphy 615-426-7192 Jennifer.Murphy@tn.gov
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Richard Moore 615-744-4210 Richard.Moore@tn.gov
Tennessee Board of Regents Angela Flynn 615-366-4436 Angela.Flynn@tbr.edu
Tourist Development Kevin Mahoney 615-741-9023 Kevin.Mahoney@tn.gov
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Clyde Hicks 615-781-6604 Clyde.Hicks@tn.gov
Vince Malone 615-253-1061 Vince.Malone@tn.gov
Treasury Dawn Rochelle 615-253-8770 Dawn.Rochelle@tn.gov
TRICOR Lori Brewington 615-253-4931 Lori.Brewington@tn.gov
University of Tennessee Abbie Shellist 865-974-3110 ashellis@tennessee.edu
Veterans Services Natasha Bailey 615-253-8972 Natasha.F.Bailey@tn.gov
State Procurement Agencies (SPA's)
Austin Peay State University Patricia Walton 931-221-7573 waltonp@apsu.edu
East Tennessee State University  Ryan Roberts 423-439-6889 Robertsrr@etsu.edu
Middle Tennessee State University Shirman A. Thomas 615-898-2516 Shirman.thomas@mtsu.edu
Tennessee State University Joel Sims, Jr. 615-963-5146 Jsims@tnstate.edu
Tennessee Technical University (Capital Projects) Jim Cobb 931-372-3524 Jimcobb@tntech.edu
Tennessee Technical University (Commodities) Donna Wallis 931-372-3492 Dwallis@tntech.edu
University of Memphis (Capital Projects) Tony Poteet 901-678-2619 PPoteet@memphis.edu
University of Memphis (Commodities) Kerri Reece 901-678-3775 Kreece@memphis.edu