Annual Pollution Prevention Industry Survey

Summary of Critical Takeaways from the Annual Industry Survey

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) receives annual funding through an Environmental Protection Agency Pollution Prevention (P2) Grant. The P2 grant is utilized for on-site technical assistance, workshops, roundtables, and support to Tennessee manufacturers and government entities to achieve measurable results in pollution prevention, while also reducing costs and focusing on climate change as it relates to greenhouse gas reduction in all manufacturing sectors.

One of the many tools we use to engage Tennessee manufacturers is our Annual Pollution Prevention Industry Survey.

Our survey is intended to assist Tennessee’s industry leaders in making informed decisions about waste management, recycling, water usage, and energy consumption. These smart choices can give organizations competitive advantages. Survey data enables the Office of Sustainable Practices to offer substantive programs, technical assistance and business networking that specifically address issues identified as impacting Tennessee’s industry.

The Office of Sustainable Practices would like to thank everyone that participated in our industry survey. Each year we strive to have individuals respond throughout the state with an excellent distribution across multiple types of industries and facility sizes.


Vaughn Cassidy
Environmental Consultant
Office of Sustainable Practices

Kathy Glapa
Program Manager
Office of Sustainable Practices

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