FTC Online Services

What you can do here:

  • Update your mailing address
  • Register for a FTC class or CE seminar
  • View continuing education status
  • View your Water & Wastewater Operator and Backflow Prevention Assembly certifications 
  • Renew annual Water & Wastewater Operator certificate fees

Important to Note:

  • You can only link one operator ID to a public portal account
  • You can only renew current operator certificates online
  • You can only register for a training course if you have an existing student/operator record with FTC. New students must enroll with the original registration form first.
  • TDEC initiates a https:// secure web call at the 128-bit encryption level to the payment processor. All transactions conform to HTTP and Secured Sockets Layer Certificate;(SSL) web standards ensuring your transaction is secure and your privacy in protected

How to create an account:

  • To enter the webpage, click the red FTC Public Portal box at the top of this page.
  • Click, "Register Here" to create your TDEC customer account. 
  • Enter your email address. This will be used to login. We highly recommend using a personal email instead of a business email.
  • Enter your new user information and click, "Continue"
  • If the registration was a success, you will receive a verification email from bg-help_desk@tn.gov. You must click on the verification link provided in the email within 30 minutes.
  • Select "Log In" to enter the email and password you created
  • Select Phone or Email to receive a verification code. This verification process will happen each time you log in to the FTC Public Portal. 
  • Enter the code and click Continue.
  • When you see the "Welcome" screen, you have successfully entered into the FTC Public Portal.

How to link your ID:

  • Once you create your account, you will need to link your operator ID to your account to view training and certification information. 
    • Log in to the public portal and click "Link to my Operator Certification, FTC Training, and Backflow Testing Certificate" at the bottom of the Home page text box
    • Enter your operator ID  
    • Enter your last name
    • Click, "Link to FTC"
  • If you do not have a previous application or registration with FTC, you will not have an ID to link to.
  • Please contact our main line at 615-898-8090 or email us at FTCOperator.Renewal@tn.gov if you need further assistance.

How to register for training:

  • Once you link your ID, the "Trainings" tab will appear next to the "Home" tab.
  • Click the "Trainings" tab and then "Register for Trainings"
  • Select "Enroll" next to the class you would like to attend
  • If the class has multiple upcoming dates, select "Enroll" next to the date you would like to attend
  • Once you select enroll, you will be enrolled into that class as pending until payment is processed
    • Please call 615-898-8090 if you need to cancel an online enrollment
  • You may checkout and submit payment for your class or register for more training before you pay
  • Click "Checkout" when you are ready to pay and complete your enrollment
  • All of the items in your cart will show up before you proceed to payment
    • If you have an operator certification renewal fee to pay for, it has to be processed as a separate transaction and cannot be paid for with training fees
  • Credit and debit cards, or E-Checks are acceptable payment methods.
  • Complete the payment prompts and when the fee is processed, a receipt will be sent to your email address used to create your public portal account.
  • Once you are enrolled in a training, a course confirmation and information email will be sent to you three weeks before the class start date. 

Important note: You cannot register online for a training if you do not have a previous record with the Fleming Training Center. All new applicants will need to submit the original Registration Form (CN-0830) to  Fleming.Training@tn.gov


How to verify proof of citizenship:

  • Once you create an account and link your operator ID, a "Certifications" tab will appear next to the Home and Invoices & Payments tabs. 
  • Click the "Certifications" tab
  • Click "View/Upload Documents" above the data table
  • Select one of the citizenship options that apply to you: US Citizen, Qualified Alien, or None
    • Acceptable forms of documentation are listed next
  • Select "Proof of Citizenship" next to the Document Type dropdown box
  • Enter the expiration date of your provided proof of citizenship
  • Click Choose file and upload your photo or file
  • Click Save
  • A green notification bar will pop up if the upload was successful
  • Click View/Upload Documents to upload more documents or view what you've previously submitted

If you need further assistance with this process, please contact us at 615-898-8090 or FTCOperator.Renewal@tn.gov

How to view certificates:

  • Once you create an account and link your ID, a "Certifications" tab will appear next to the Home and Invoices & Payments tabs. 
  • Click the "Certifications" tab
  • If you hold a Backflow Testing Certificate of Competency, you will be able to view your certificate number, expiration date, and current status.
  • If you hold a water or wastewater operator certification, you can view your CE expiration date(s) and completed CE activities
  • You can also upload "Proof of CE Activity" by clicking "View/Upload Documents" and following the prompts
  • If you have completed trainings provided by the Fleming Training Center, you can view those classes and your transcript under the "Trainings" tab

How to pay renewal fees:

  • Login to your public portal account
  • Click the "Invoices & Payments" tab
  • If you have linked your account to an operator ID, then your current certificate(s) and invoice(s) will show up automatically
    • Add certificate(s) to checkout and proceed to payment
  • If you are paying for invoices without linking to an operator ID, refer to the renewal application form for the invoice number(s) associated with the certificate(s)
  • On the "Invoices & Payments" tab, search by the invoice number and operator's last name
  •  Click "Add to Checkout"
  •  Click Checkout when you have found all the certificate(s) you need to pay for
  • Click Proceed to Payment 
  •  Credit and debit cards, or E-Checks are acceptable forms of payment
  • Complete the payment prompts
  • When the fee is processed, a receipt will be sent to the email address you entered on the billing information page
  • Please allow at least 15 business days to receive your operator card in the mail.
  • For further assistance contact us at 615-898-8090 or email FTCOperator.Renewal@tn.gov

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