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Bulletin 1A – The Establishment, Purpose, Scope and Methods of the State Geological, 33 p., by Geo. H. Ashley (1910). 1B - Bibliography of Tennessee Geology, Soils, Drainage, Forestry, etc., 117 p., by Elizabeth Cockrill (1911).

Bulletin 3A – Drainage Problems in Tennessee, 10 p., by Geo. H. Ashley (1910). 3B – Preliminary Report upon the Drainage of the Lands Overflowed by the North and Middle Forks of the the Forked Deer River and the Rutherford Fork of the Obion River in Gibson County, Tennessee, 26 p., by A.E. Morgan and S.H. McCrory (1910). 3C – Drainage Law of Tennessee, 28 p. (1910).

Bulletin 4 – Administrative Report of the State Geological Survey, 59 p., by Geo. H. Ashley (1911).

Bulletin 10A – Preliminary Study of Forest Conditions in Tennessee, 56 p., by R. C. Hall (1910). 10B – Chestnut in Tennessee, 35 p., by W.W. Ashe (1911). 10C – Yellow Poplar in Tennessee, 56 p., by W.W. Ashe (1911).

Bulletin 13 – The Resources of Tennessee, 36 p., by G.H. Ashley (1911).

Bulletin 14 – The Zinc Deposits of Northeastern Tennessee, 69 p., by A.H. Purdue (1912).

Bulletin 58-part 2 – Geologic Map of East Tennessee with Explanatory Text, 168 + vi p., by John Rodgers (1953).

Bulletin 60 – The Cumberland Plateau Overthrust and Geology of the Crab Orchard Mountains Area, Tennessee, 47 + vi p., 11 figs., 5 pls, (including a geologic map in color), by Richard G. Stearns (1954). Describes the stratigraphy of the Crab Orchard Mountains area and traces the fault system crossing this region that is an overthrust block similar to the Pine Mountain block.

Bulletin 60 – Color Geologic Map

Environmental Geology Series

EG 1 – Geologic Evaluation of Sanitary Landfill Sites in Tennessee, 38 p., 18 figs., 2 pls., 1 section, by Robert A. Miller and Stuart W. Maher (1972). Outlines and discusses geologic criteria for the locating of landfills, and evaluates each geologic formation in Tennessee on the basis of these criteria.

Geologic Folios

Pennsylvanian Geology of the Cumberland Plateau, 15 pls., 21 p., size 12x26 inches, by C.W. Wilson, Jr., J.W. Jewell, and E.T. Luther (1956). Detailed stratigraphy, structure, and economic geology. Illustrations include 7 reference stratigraphic sections; a composite stratigraphic section; 4 colored geologic maps of the area, scale 1 inch = 3 miles; isopach and sand-distribution maps; structural features and structure contour maps.

Oil and Gas Reports

Chart 1 – Oil and Gas in Middle Tennessee, size 27x30 inches, by Kendall E. Born (1943). Generalized map (scale 1 inch=15 miles) showing locations of pools by physiographic provinces, columnar section showing stratigraphic position of producing horizons, tables of oil and gas data by pools, and a brief history of development.

Chart 2 – Oil and Gas in Northern Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee, by Kendall E. Born and William N. Lockwood (1945).

Chart 4. – Subsurface Stratigraphy and Structure of the Pre-Trenton Ordovician and the Upper Cambrian Rocks of Central Tennessee, size 36x55 inches (each sheet), by Ray Bentall and Jack B. Collins (1945). Prepared in cooperation with U.S. Geological Survey. Discussion of the Stones River and Upper Cambrian (Knox dolomite group) strata. Lines of columnar stratigraphic sections, structural contour maps (scale 1 inch = 16 miles; contour interval 100 feet) on top of the Carters Limestone and on top of rocks of Beekmantown age; isopach maps (scale 1 inch = 16 miles; isopach interval 50 feet) of the Stones River group, Wells Creek dolomite, and combined Stones River and Wells Creek strata; correlation chart and table of subsurface and oil and gas data from wells drilled into rocks of Beekmantown age. Set of two sheets.

Report of Investigations (RI)

RI 16 – Geology of the Dover Area, Stewart County, Tennessee, 39 p., 3 figs., 2 pls., by Melvin V. Marcher (1962). Includes colored geologic map. Prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey. Stratigraphy, structure, geologic history, environments of deposition, emphasis on Mississippian formations.

RI 21 – Well Sample Descriptions and Drillers' Logs, Scott County, Tennessee, 175 p., by H.B. Burwell (1967). Also see Oil and Gas Map, Scott County, Tennessee.

RI 24 – Stratigraphy of the Chickamauga Super-Group in Its Type Area, 32 p. (reprinted from Georgia Geological Survey Bull. 80), 4 figs., 1 table, by Robert C. Milici and James W. Smith (1969).

Resources of Tennessee - 1st Series

Volume VII. 1917.

Administrative Report of the State Geologist, 1916, 21 p., by A.H. Purdue.
By-Product Coke Oven Opportunities in Tennessee, 14 p., by A.H. Purdue.
Recent Oil Developments at Glenmary, Tennessee, 4 p., by L.C. Glenn.
Properties of Molding Sand, 2 p., by Robert E. Wendt.

The Gravels of West Tennessee Valley, 35 p., by Bruce Wade.
The Boundary Lines of Tennessee, 15 p., by Park Marshall.
The Glenmary Oil Field, 4 p., by A.H. Purdue.

 Marketing Woodlot Products in Tennessee, 85 p., by W.D. Starrett.

Structure of the Waynesboro Quad. with Special Reference to Oil & Gas, 21 p., by H.D. Miser.
General Oil and Gas Conditions of the Highland Rim Area in Tennessee, 9 p., by A.H. Purdue.

Dr. A. H. Purdue, 4 p., by L.C. Glenn.
The Climate of Tennessee, 39 p., by Roscoe Nunn.
Manganese Deposits of Bradley County, 2 p., by A.H. Purdue.
Barite Deposits of the Sweetwater District, East Tennessee, 35 p., by C.H. Gordon.

Announcement: Election of the New State Geologist, 1 p., by L.C. Glenn
Report of the Caves of the Eastern Highland Rim & Cumberland Mountains, 54 p., by T.L. Bailey.
Discussion of the Chemical Analyses of the Cave Deposits of Tennessee, 4 p., by L.C. Glenn.

Manganese Deposits of East Tennessee: Part I, 57 p., by G.W. Stose and F.C. Schrader.
War Work, 3 p., by W.A. Nelson.
The Glenmary Oil Field, 9 p., by L.C. Glenn.

 Manganese Deposits of East Tennessee: Part II, 90 p., by G.W. Stose and F.C. Schrader.

Administrative Report of the State Geologist, 1918, 20 p., by W.A. Nelson.
Forests, Gullies, and Reconstruction, 9 p., by R.S. Maddox.
The Mining and Preparation of Manganese Ores in Tennessee, 16 p., by W.R. Crane.
Preparation of Manganese Ores, 12 p., by W.R. Crane and E.R. Eaton.
The Coal Pyrite Resources of Tennessee and Tests on their Availability, 11 p., by E.A. Holbrook and W.A. Nelson.

Ball Clays of West Tennessee, 102 p., by R.A. Schroeder.
Characteristic Properties of Ball and Plastic Refractory Bond Clays, 11 p., by C.W. Parmelee.


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