Current List of Fossils


(Common bony fish)
Several undetermined species in the family Centrarchidae including Micropterus and Lepomis (bass and sunfish).


(Frogs and toads)
Rana, a bullfrog and several undetermined frog species).


(Newts and salamanders): AmbystomaPlethodonDesmognathusNotophthalmus, and undetermined species).


Alligators found at the site belong neither to the extinct Alligator olseni or the modern American Alligator A. mississippiensis, but may be a transitional species.


(Lizards and snakes)
Anguidae (thick skinned lizards such as the alligator lizard): Ophisaurus sp.  (a glass snake)
Scincidae: (indeterminate species of skink)
Colubridae subfamily Natricinae (snakes including water snakes and garter snakes): indeterminate species.
Colubridae subfamily Colubridae (snakes including rat snakes and king snakes): indeterminate species.
Viperidae (long-fanged venomous snakes such as rattlesnakes and copperheads): indeterminate species.


Kinosternidae: Stenotherus sp. (a musk turtle)
Chelydridae: Chelydra sp. (a snapping turtle)
Emydidae: Chrysemys sp. (a painted turtle)
Emydidae: Trachemys sp. (a slider turtle)
Emydidae: Terrapene sp. (a box turtle)
Testudinidae: Hesperotestudo sp (a tortoise)

Aves (Birds)

​Anatidae: ducks, four species in all including Aix sp. (wood duck or mandarin duck)
Anas sp. (larger ducks such as the mallard)
Odontophoridae: (a quail)
Rallidae: (a rail)
Scolopacidae: Scolopax sp. (a woodcock)
Tytonidae: (a barn-owl)
Various small songbirds


Scoricidae: (shrews) at least three indeterminate species
Talpidae: (moles) at least two indeterminate species
Chiroptera: (bats) at least one indeterminate species


Indeterminate medium-sized carnivore
Felidae: Cats, represented by a single part of a tooth, possibly from a saber-toothed cat Machairodus.
Ursidae: Plionarctos sp., an extinct bear allied to the short-faced bears.
Mustelidae: A small weasel of indeterminate species.
Mustelid allied to the extinct Eurasian badger: Arctomeles dimolodontus (new species).
Ailuridae: Animal related to the lesser (red) panda, Pristinailurus bristoli (new species).


Leporidae: indeterminate species of rabbit or hare.


At least six indeterminate species of rodents, including an extinct beaver of the genus Dipoides.


Megalonychidae:  indeterminate species of two-toed sloth.


Gomphotheridae; Amebelodon:  indeterminate species of gomphothere, an extinct shovel-tusked elephant.


(Odd-toed ungulates)
Equidae; Cormohipparion emslii: a prehistoric horse with two additional vestigial toes on each foot.
Tapiridae: Tapirus polkensis:  Tapirs, now found only in the tropics, were the first animals to be identified at the Gray Fossil Site. It has since become the largest accumulation of fossil tapirs known in the world, and individuals of all life stages have been found.
Rhinocerotidae: Teleoceras cf. T. hicksii, a hippopotamus-like rhinoceros. Several skeletons have been found.


(Even-toed ungulates)
Tayassuidae: cf. Prosthenops sp. an extinct peccary.
Camelidae: cf. Megatylopus sp., a large prehistoric camel

Pine Family (Pinaceae)
Pine (Pinus) Fir (Abies)
Arborvitae (Thuja) 
Sunflower Family (Compositae)
Low- Spine, High- Spine, and Fenestrate types
Evening Primrose (Onagraceae) 
Beech Family (Fagaceae)
Oak (Quercus) Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana)
Witch Hazel (Hamamelidaceae) Winter Hazel (Distylium)
Walnut Family (Juglandaceae) Hickory (Carya)
Walnut (Juglans)
Flowering, Climbing Plants (Menispermaceae) Chinese Moonseed (Sinomenium)
Flowering Plants (Nyssaceae) Black Gum “Tupelo” (Nyssa)
Olive Family (Oleaceae)
Black Ash (fraxinus)
True Grasses (Poaceae)
Flowering Vines (Sargentodoxaceae Sargentodoxa)
Flowering Plants, Trees (Ulmaceae) Dwarf Chinese Elm
Grape Family (Vitaceae)
Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus)
Grape Vine (Vitis)
Mallow Family (Malvaceae)

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