Who can participate in the Voluntary Cleanup Oversight and Assistance Program (VOAP)?

The VOAP is designed for both Voluntary and Liable Parties.

Voluntary Party:

If you did not release, generate or transport materials that resulted in contamination then you are eligible to negotiate a Brownfield Voluntary Agreement to limit liability.

Liable Party:

If you did release, generate or transport materials that did cause contamination you are also eligible to work with the VOAP.

How does the program work?

Definition of a Brownfield Project

Brownfield project means that screening, investigation, monitoring, control and/or remediation of any abandoned, idled, under–utilized, or other property whose re-use, growth, enhancement or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived adverse environmental conditions.  Brownfield projects may address sites contaminated by hazardous substances, solid waste, or any other pollutant; (TCA 68-212-202(1))

If you have questions or aren’t sure that your property should be part the Brownfield program?

Schedule a meeting or call and we will be happy to address any concerns or questions that you have, you can find contacts on the Brownfields homepage.