Former Monsanto Chemical Company (Maury County, TN)

The Monsanto Chemical Company site in Maury County is located approximately five miles northwest of downtown Columbia, Tennessee between the Duck River and Williamsport Highway (State Route 50). The past use of the site by the Monsanto Chemical Company resulted in the properties associated with the site to have issues related to contamination by hazardous substances. To protect human health and the environment, the properties are subject to land use restrictions. The land use restrictions remain with the property regardless of ownership. To determine if a property is restricted or you want to learn more, the following resources are available:

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For questions or more information about the site, please contact, the Division of Remediation project manager, Cameron Swanson at 615-687-7069 or For record or file requests, use the TDEC Public Records Request form and request Division of Remediation site file number 60-534.

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