Drycleaner Approved Contractors

All work that is conducted by the Drycleaner Environmental Response Program (DCERP) is completed through Drycleaner Approved Contractors, also known as a DCAC. A DCAC completes activities that have been authorized by DCERP through written correspondence. Upon completion of each authorized phase of work, the DCAC will submit a DCERP Reimbursement Application (CN-1125). DCERP will review the reimbursement and will issue a two party check to the DCAC as well as the applicant for the amount of approved costs minus the 10% deductible.  Any activity that was not pre-authorized by DCERP will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Companies who wish to conduct and oversee Environmental Response Activities under DCERP may apply to become a Drycleaner Approved Contractor. There are three categories available and you may apply to one or all. Category 1 companies are approved to perform facility inspections (similar to a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment). Category 2 includes those who are approved to perform investigative work (similar to the Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment). Category 3 is assigned to companies who are approved to conduct remedial work. Most companies apply for all three categories. An annual fee of $500 is charged if the company is applying under a single category. An annual fee of $750 is charged when the company is applying to be in two or more categories.

DCACs are responsible for annually submitting the Drycleaner Approved Contractor (DCAC) Application (CN-1123) and the annual fee by October 31st of each year. Specific requirements for the application are found in the rule. Requirements include a statement of the organization, experience, proof of insurance requirements met, resume for each person listed to conduct DCERP authorized work, etc.  Upon receipt and approval of your application, you will be notified of your eligibility. At that point, your company’s name will be added to the list of approved DCACs. This list is used by facility and property owners to choose an environmental consultant to complete DCERP authorized work.

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