Hatchie Scenic River

The Hatchie River originates in northern Mississippi and is the longest free-flowing tributary of the lower Mississippi River totaling 238 miles. The scenic river section flows from the Mississippi State line to the confluence with the Mississippi River. It is the only river in Tennessee designated a state scenic river in its entirety.  The river has considerable geographic, cultural, and historic significance. River frontage along this slow meandering swamp river with many ox bows is primarily privately owned wilderness (hardwood forests, canebrakes, swamps), and farm land. Two National Wildlife Refuge Areas preserve and protect over 21,000 acres of forested flood plain in Haywood, Lauderdale and Tipton counties. The ecosystem provides habitat for more than 100 species of fish including 11 species of catfish, which is possibly the most of any North American River; 50 species of mammals; 35 species of mussels; 250 species of birds including migrating birds; along with many reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. The rivers’ historic significance includes national landmarks dating back to the Civil War era. There are 10 TWRA Public boat launch areas along the river.

McNairy, Hardeman, Madison, Haywood, Tipton & Lauderdale Counties

Class I Natural River Area from the Mississippi state line, approximately 163 miles, to the confluence of the Mississippi River (see Acts, 1970, ch. 437, § 2). Designated in 1970.


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