Collins Scenic River

The Collins River originates in the east central portion of Tennessee along the Cumberland Plateau and flows 67 miles to the confluence with the Caney Fork River upstream of Great Falls Dam. The five mile scenic river segment lies within a narrow gorge at the Savage Gulf State Natural Area. Like most large streams in the area it flows predominantly underground appearing as a dry stream except during periods of heavy rainfall when it can become swift and treacherous. Waterfalls along this reach drop over limestone ledges and flow into sinks disappearing until resurfacing at the mouth of river.  Beyond the scenic river stretch, the Collins River is one of few rivers in Tennessee with a good population of muskie (muskellunge).  A strenuous 9 mile loop trail in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area provides the only access to the river gorge. The Collins Gulf Trail is accessible by the Collins West trailhead on 55th Ave. in Gruetli-Laager.

Grundy County

Class II Pastoral River Area legislative action excluded all but that segment of the Collins River flowing through the Savage Gulf Natural Area (see Acts 1984, ch. 830, § 1). Designated in 1968.


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