Buffalo Scenic River

The Buffalo River is the longest un-impounded river in middle Tennessee and the longest tributary of the Duck River. It meanders 125 miles through the southern and western portions of middle Tennessee supporting a diversity of wildlife including nearly 85 species of fish. Canoeing and kayaking are especially popular in the middle and lower reaches of the river because of its scenic beauty and fishing opportunities. The upper portions of the river between Henryville and Flatwoods are floatable from November through August, while the remainder of the river is floatable year-round. Local companies rent canoes, kayaks and tubes and coordinate trips, including over-night camping trips. Personal craft can be launched from the TWRA access point along the river below the headwaters in Henryville. Most of the land along the river is privately owned. 

Lawrence County

Class II Pastoral River Area the entire section of the Buffalo River in Lawrence County. (see Acts 1969, ch. 31, § 1). Designated in 1968.

Public Access

Lawrence County Highway Bridge at Henryville 35°23'48" N, 87°23'18" W (one mile east of Henryville on County Road 6230).


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