State Facility Utility Management (SFUM)

TDEC OEP’s State Facility Utility Management team (SFUM) strives to provide actionable utility insights to State facilities, enabling them to make informed decisions that optimize their facility energy consumption as well as their associated utility savings. To support this goal, SFUM administers several utility savings and building energy management initiatives, including the following:

  • Development and maintenance of an online Utility Data Management (UDM) platform for approximately 8,000 State-owned and managed facilities.
  • Oversight of energy efficiency projects under the EmPower TN initiative, designed to reduce energy consumption and utility costs for participating State facilities through the implementation of energy efficient technologies and/or energy management systems.
  • Provision of no-cost technical assistance to State agencies and public higher education facilities to promote the implementation of energy management, energy efficiency, and/or renewable energy projects that meet the needs, budgets, and priorities of participating entities.

The annual Utility Data Analysis report for Fiscal Year 2022 prepared by SFUM may be accessed here.  

SFUM also oversees an Energy Liaison Program for facility managers and maintenance staff of State-owned and managed buildings, with the goal of providing resources, training and professional development opportunities, and a network to share best practices.

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