Mayor's Portal

Welcome, Mayors! While you can always call on your Regional Director of External Affairs for assistance with all things TDEC, we have found the following topics to be the most requested by local elected officials.

Recently, OEA has received several requests for drought information and policies. The Division of Water Resources has an excellent resource webpage for drought policies, a drought map, and examples of ways to reduce water use.


TDEC Data Viewers pull information from the same databases that staff use to keep track of permits, regulatory activities, rosters and status. Many records are updated daily. 

Septic Systems Permits

File an online application for a new septic system or a repair. Locate a system on an existing home. Find a licensed septic system installer or septic tank pumper.

Materials Management

The Materials Management Program deploys strategies of waste reduction, recycling, composting, and the diversion of materials, including problem waste.

Flooding Resources

While TDEC does not directly regulate flooding, some programs may address elements of this multilayered issue. TDEC has developed the following guidance documents to help bring awareness to the issue.

Fleming Training Center

The Fleming Training Center offers advanced classes in a variety of water and wastewater areas. The center also offers assistance to over 4,000 certified operators with their certification and continuing education requirements.

Predatory Land Sales

TDEC has collected strategies to deal with companies that purchase land that is not suitable for development and lease “rent to own” parcels to unsuspecting citizens.

Recreation Resources

In addition to providing local recreation planning assistance, the RR division is responsible for administering the following federal and state grant programs to local governments: Local Parks and Recreation Fund (LPRF), Recreational Trails Program (RTP), and Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grants. 

Small Business Environmental Assistance

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) provides assistance to help Tennessee small businesses understand and comply with environmental regulations. SBEAP assistance is free, non-regulatory and confidential. Generally, SBEAP defines a small business as any business that does not employ a full-time staff member for environmental compliance or oversight.

TDEC Newsletters

Each External Affairs Regional Director produces a monthly or quarterly newsletter with helpful information for stakeholders in that particular region. In addition, the Office of Communications produces a monthly newsletter for the Department. Sign up here.