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Tennessee is open for business! At TDEC we firmly believe that environmental protection and economic development go hand in hand. We even take this idea a step further and assert that the strong economic development trends Tennessee is experiencing would not be possible without a highly functioning environmental regulatory system that delivers environmental protection, resource abundancy and excellent quality of life. TDEC is a resource to you, not just a regulator.

Fact Sheets, Flow Charts, Timelines and Guidelines

The following fact sheets, flow charts, timelines and guidelines will help you navigate the TDEC permitting process:

Regulatory Changes

While infrequent, regulatory changes have the potential to be disruptive to the regulated community. The Office of External Affairs wants to do our best to ensure you are aware of these changes and how they may affect you or your business. We will update this list quarterly.

November 2020: Bringing the rules administered by the Division of Radiological Health (Chapters 0400-20-04, 0400-20-10, and 0400-20-13) into compliance with changes that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has made to Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations 

None at this time.

Hazardous Waste 

Effective April 11, 2022 - Pharmaceutical Rule – Rules specifically tailored for healthcare facilities (for both humans and animals) and reverse distributors of creditable pharmaceuticals. 

Effective June 3, 2021 - Universal Waste/Aerosols – Included Aerosols as a Universal Waste. 

Effective May 13, 2021 - Generator Improvement Rule – Amended existing hazardous waste rules to make them, in many cases, easier to comply with, and easier to understand. 

Solid Waste 

December 2019 Rule Package: 

Exemption for recovered material processing facilities (RMPF) from permit requirements to both encourage recycling, and ensure exempt facilities are operating as legitimate recycling operations.  

Addition of periodic engineering reports for landfills which will include surveys, capacity calculations, and leachate system performance.  

10-year renewal and recertification of closure/post-closure plans for landfills, including a narrative and cost estimates for the care of the landfill after the 30-year post closure period is over. 

New language that strengthens permit-by-rule authorizations. 

Attention: Effective July 01, 2021, Yearly Tank Fees Have Been Suspended For Five Years, Fund Coverage Has Been Expanded And There Is Now A Scaled Deductible.

None at this time.

None at this time.

None at this time.


Looking to apply for a TDEC permit? Find a listing of all permits that TDEC issues.

Small Business Environmental Assistance

SBEAP helps Tennessee small businesses understand and comply with environmental regulations. SBEAP assistance is free, non-regulatory, and confidential. Generally, SBEAP defines a small business as one not employing a full-time staff member for environmental compliance or oversight.  

TDEC Newsletters

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