TDEC Grant Management System FAQs

Which web browser should I use?

The new system works in any of the internet browsers.

Do I need to save my work?

The system has an auto save function that will automatically save the current page every 5 minutes. However, we suggest clicking "Save" at the bottom of the page frequently and always click the “Save” button before navigating away from the form you are editing.

Does the system have spell check?

No. We suggest using Microsoft Word for spell check, then copy and paste the content into the grants system. 

Can I use my browser's back button to go to the last screen I was using?

No. If you click on your browser’s back button, you will exit out of the grant application you are working on, and you will lose your work. Always click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page before navigating away from the form you are editing. 

How can I navigate the online system?

The Home page is the central access to funding opportunities, access all of your applications, check the status of applications, access forms that require attention, change affiliations with organizations, update your profile and change your password. To return to the Home dashboard, click "Home" in the top right corner.

How do I find current or upcoming funding opportunities?

Current funding opportunities open for applications can be found on the left side of the system Home page. Upcoming funding opportunities not open for applications and grant timelines can be found at this page.

How do I edit?

While in draft, you can edit the content in your application at any time. All changes will be saved and you can return to edit. After application submission, you will not have editing capabilities. 

Where is my application that I have not submitted?

Applications in development that have not yet been submitted are located on the Home page in  the “My Applications” tab. To continue working on them, find the relevant application as shown in the list view and click "Open" on the right. 

What happens when I click the "Submit" button?

If submitting a new application, click the "Submit" button only after the form is complete—after you click "Submit", you will no longer be able to edit the form. You cannot submit an application until required fields are completed and required attachments are uploaded. 

Where are my submitted applications?

When you click “Submit” on a grant application, your application will be stored in the “My Applications” tab, located on the Home page. Once you have submitted an application, you can no longer edit it.

What does the "Requires Attention" tab mean?

This section contains reporting requirements assigned for all active grants. These could include revised budgets, fund requests and close out reports. These reports are accessible for you to edit.


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