TN ALL Corps

Students across the state had different access to instruction in spring 2020 and throughout the 2020-21 school year. This resulted in lower average proficiency across the state, specifically in math and early reading.  Beginning in the 2020-21 school year through summer 2024, the department is investing Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding, or ESSER 3.0, in TN ALL Corps tutoring supports. 

Through a grant matching program, TN ALL Corps is available to both school districts and community partners. Combining funding that is available at the state, district, and community levels, Tennessee can dramatically increase the amount of learning time children have access to—helping to mitigate learning loss and accelerate student achievement. 

TN ALL Corps Model

There are currently 87 districts across Tennessee that are participating in TN ALL Corps, representing over 200,000 students served over the next three years. Using a research-based model, each participating district has committed to following the TN ALL Corps model composed of:  

Tn All Corps Steps

Over the next three years, the state’s matching-grant approach for tutoring, in combination with summer programming, will serve over 200,000 students, with 50,000 students served in the first year. This will provide 250-500 additional hours of academic instruction each, in the next three years and four summers. The total investment in tutoring between the state and LEA matching grants is projected to be over $200 million.  

Information for Districts and Tutors

  • The department offers two TN ALL Corps Tutor Training courses to fulfil the requirement of tutors being certified to provide TN ALL Corps high-dosage, low-ratio tutoring. 
  • The Aspiring and Alternative Educator course entails 5 asynchronous training modules in which participants will learn everything from the basics of tutoring to academic best practices.
  • The Licensed Educator course is designed to train licensed educators in high-dosage, low-ratio tutoring and academic best practices. 

The TN ALL Corps District Support Network, is a network to provide instructional leaders of TN ALL Corps districts with opportunities to engage in a variety of collaborative learning experiences and resources designed to enrich local tutoring programs.

The May Virtual Convening will provide districts with structured opportunities to review best practices and resources to inform programmatic planning for the 2023-2024 school year in three key areas: scheduling, staffing, and training. Each session will highlight multiple fellow districts and external partners who will share lessons learned as well as concrete resources from their tutoring programs. 

The virtual convening will take place each day from Tuesday, May 2, through Thursday, May 4, from 9:00-10:30 am CDT.  

  • Tuesday, May 2: Session 1: Innovative Scheduling Models
  • Wednesday, May 3: Session 2:  Expanding Tutor Staffing Capacity
  • Thursday, May 4: Session 3: Hiring & Onboarding New Tutors 

TN ALL Corps Community Partner Guide: To support community partners in developing projects to expand and extend the capacity of district TN ALL Corps programs.  

TN ALL Corps Vendor Directory: The department has created a tutor partner guide for districts that may choose to work with a third-party provider to deliver some or all its tutoring services through TN ALL Corps. Districts are not required to partner with third-party providers, nor are they required to use a partner from the guide we create. However, this guide is intended to serve as a resource for districts interested in working with a tutor partner. 

Through TN ALL Corps grants, districts can flexibly design their local tutoring support within the grant framework to meet the tenets of high-dosage, low-ratio tutoring that drives strong outcomes for students. Districts have significant flexibility in determining the structure of tutoring, who provides tutoring (staff, tutors, external partners), and the students served. Find out more here

Note: vendors that have elected to add their information to the TN ALL Corps director have not been reviewed and approved, or hold a contract with the Department for TN ALL Corps. Districts may use this vendor directory list as a list of potential vendors that could be utilized for tutoring supports.   

The Connected Literacy Program provides tutoring support to students in grades 1-3. Tutoring is grounded in Tennessee’s Foundational Skills Curriculum Supplement. The primary focus of Connected Literacy is to provide vital early grades literacy support, resulting in more students becoming proficient readers over the next few years. This work connects to the Tennessee Department of Education’s (TDOE) Best For All strategic plan and is positioned within Tennessee’s Accelerate TN initiative as it provides students with quality foundational literacy skills tutoring.  

Connected Literacy grants are awarded to TDOE approved community partners who work with a district to recruit tutors and families, coordinate, and schedule learning supports, and provide family engagement opportunities.