Helping Parents Prepare & Engage in School Safety


Tennessee parents and families are the primary driver of their child’s education and help ensure their child is ready to succeed when they enter the classroom. Governor Bill Lee signed Executive Order No. 97 to enhance school safety procedures and protocols across the state and promote school-level engagement with parents and families.

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This guide also covers how parents and families can report suspicious or concerning activitythrough the SafeTN App, access mental health resources for their student through programsadministered by the Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Servicesand inquire about their child’s school security compliance with Schools Against Violence in Education Act.

How To Prepare

In knowing the needs of your child, parents and families are bestpositioned to utilize resources that are available to your child’sschool community to address concerns before they are elevated.By equipping yourself with knowledge about available supportsand how to access them, you are prepared to take on challengesthat could potentially lead to increased violence in schools if notaddressed ahead of time, such as bullying.

How To Engage

Together, we can keep our schools safe through increasedengagement that often starts at home. When parents and familiesuse and share the resources available to them, or find ways tovolunteer or get involved with their school communities, studentscan become safer, healthier, and better able to thrive.

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