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If you are a Publisher interested in our upcoming Section F adoption process, please send your contact information to

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Schedule B: Math UPDATED JULY 2022


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Pre-Bid Virtual Conference

Date: February 18, 2022

Time: 8:30 - 9:00 CST



Math Standards for Schedule B

K-Grade 11

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Textbook Substitution Guidelines and Directions

Cycle 2021 for Spring Textbook Commission Meeting (Meeting date will be published here once scheduled) 

At the first regular meeting of each calendar year, the Commission will consider: (1) The substitution of the revised edition of a textbook for the edition previously listed; and (2) The substitution of a textbook that contains content revisions made since the previous official listing of the book, provided that each book: (a) Will be sold at the same price as the book originally listed; and (b) Can be used with the book originally listed. For more details, please refer to Commission Rule 0520-05-01-07.

Publishers that wish to submit a substitution request for consideration at the next meeting must complete the following steps:  

Step One: 

Complete the Textbook Substitutions Template, and email the document as an attachment to Please also attach a statement which explicitly and completely satisfies the rule requirement of “setting forth in detail the differences between the book originally listed and the new book,” as stated in the Commission Rule 0520-05-01-07

Step Two: 

Submit a copy of each textbook version (old and new) for which a substitution request is being made to the address below. Materials in electronic form should be emailed to

Tennessee Textbook Services 

Attn: Tabatha Siddiqi

710 James Robertson Pkwy, 9th floor 

Nashville, TN 37243