English Learner (EL) Assessments

Per federal law, states are required to assess the English proficiency of all English learners students. Additionally, states are required to annually measure English learners'  progress in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

The following are the assessments required for English learners in Tennessee.

English learners (ELs) are assessed each year with an assessment called ACCESS 2.0. (Note: Tennessee has partnered with an non-profit organization called WIDA since 2014-15 in order to measure the English proficiency levels of EL students. ACCESS 2.0 is a WIDA-developed assessment.)

The results from ACCESS 2.0 are used in accountability measures and to provide districts with information to determine EL placement in courses; student results on ACCESS 2.0 guide decisions regarding student participation in content area classrooms, as well as their need for English as a Second Language (ESL) services. Results from this assessment also provide districts and schools with valuable information to evaluate the effectiveness of their programming and support for ELs.

For additional information and resources, visit WIDA’s website. For specific Tennessee guidance is available here.

All students, including English learners (ELs), must participate in regular state testing for their grade level and content area. Please visit the TCAP webpage for information about our state tests. Also, click here for the testing times chart.