Governor’s Civics Seal

History of the Governor's Civics Seal

On March 4, 2019, Governor Bill Lee announced the “Governor’s Civics Seal” during his State of the State address. The Governor’s Civics Seal recognizes schools and districts that prioritize teaching our nation’s history and civic values. Along with the announcement of this program, Governor Lee allocated $500,000 to support public schools and districts in implementing high-quality civic education programs that result in readiness for college, career, and civic life. Additionally, the Tennessee General Assembly passed Public Chapter 330 of 2019, which is now codified in T.C.A. 49-6-1028 and officially established the Governor's Civic Seal.

The Governor’s Civics Seal has two main sections:

A. State Report Card:

a)       Identify on the State Report Card each school earning the Seal as a Tennessee Excellence in Civics Education School

b)      Designate LEAs in which at least 80% of their schools earn the Seal as a Tennessee Excellence in Civics Education District

B. Criteria for a school to earn the Seal:

a)       Incorporate civic learning across a broad range of grades and academic subjects that builds on the Tennessee academic standards, such as the civics lesson plans and the blue book lesson plans provided by the secretary of state

b)      Provide instruction regarding our nation's democratic principles and practices, the significant events and individuals responsible for the creation of our foundational documents, and the formation of the governments of the United States and the state of Tennessee using the federal and state foundational documents in accordance with S 49-6-1028

c)       Provide professional development opportunities or student resources that support civics education, such as civics education workshops offered by the secretary of state

d)      Provide opportunities for students to engage in real-world learning activities, including the secretary of state's student mock election and civics essay contest

e)       Have fully implemented a high-quality, project-based assessment in accordance with S 49-6-1028(e), if applicable

f)        Be recognized as a civics all-star school in accordance with S 49-6-408, if applicable

2020-21 Governor’s Civics Seal District and School Recipients

On Wednesday, August 11, Governor Bill Lee and the Tennessee Department of Education announced the districts and schools earning the 2020-21 Tennessee Excellence in Civics Education and unveiled the Governor’s Civics Seal at McConnell Elementary in Hamilton County. The 53 schools and three districts receiving this designation will be recipients of the Governor’s Civics Seal, which recognizes schools and districts that prioritize teaching the nation’s history and civics values.